Saturday, March 13, 2010

Birthday Weekend Pictures...

Are you ready for some picture OVERLOAD!! We had a super fun weekend celebrating my Granny's birthday! She came in Friday morning and I took her and my Mom to Loveless Cafe. We have always lived in Nashville and never been out there! They are known for their biscuits and after going there I see why!

This is Miss Carol, she is THE Biscuit Lady! I actually got to meet her and she is too cute!I got my picture made with her but I don't like it so I am not posting it(sad...huh?)!!

Mom and Granny... Happy Birthday Granny!!

They have some great art work hanging around and I loved this one!

I had to get a picture with the sign! I liked it....

Me and Mom taking advantage of the tourist traps!

Our waiter's name was Rusty and he was GREAT! He was so funny with Granny and I loved him!

We rushed home and Granny was thrilled because her Kentucky Wildcats were on and they WON! I know they did that for her birthday! During the game I went to the car place for my regular oil change(but is it ever  just a regular visit at the car place NOOO!!!) The good ole' explorer needs new tires RRRRREEEAAAAALLLLLYYYYYYYYYY! Let me stop here and just say that I love my car place(shout out for them: Two Rivers Ford) and I love Charles(he is my guy) and I can really say that I think he might have been a little scared to tell me that I needed new tires! I feel bad for the guy because he knows that car stuff stresses me to the max, I don't know why but it does! Oh well it has to be done and I will figure it out!

Back to the birthday. We went out to Red Lobster for dinner and home for cake! Look how cute that cake  is and its yummy too!

Oh Ryan(the little brother) always cheesing it up!

And look and that little LOVIE!! LOVE HER!

So today(Saturday) I got up and cleaned a little- I'm really trying to do house stuff during the week so that I don't spend all day Sunday cooped up in the house cleaning! I took Granny and Mom to Southeastern Salvage and to Sams! Oh yeah the Wildcats won AGAIN for my Granny's Birthday( Go BLUE!!!!)! Since the basketball tournament is here in good ole' Nashville I took Granny downtown to see all CATS fans and let me tell you they are taking over the streets of Nashville!

Did I mention (I know I didnt because I am just typing this) that my older brother and sister in law's wedding made it into Chareleston Magazine!! How exciting, Love it! You can check it out here!! You can click on the pictures and albums come up just in case you wanted to see more pictures!

So now I am off to bed to prepare for the time change! Man I am old....
Oh yeah for the 4's of emails that I got about my BIG NEWS I didn't forget but I am still working on the details but I just wanted to leave you with a cliff hanger(I just know that you are loosing sleep over it)!!


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I have always wanted to go there!! It looks so cute and just my style! What about those wildcats =)

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