Friday, March 5, 2010

Friday Fives....

I love my Friday Fives and I kinda want it to catch on because I am nosey and  I like reading other peoples answers! This weeks topic is "5 Things You Will Never Catch Me Doing"....

1. Highlight my hair myself.... This is something that just will never happen EVER. I will go with food and water before I ever stop getting my hair done.
2.Sky dive or bungee jump. You don't wanna see me ever try to do these tasks, whats the point! People say its for the rush well go by a Louis Vuitton, thats a RUSH!!!
3. You will never see me hide my feelings or the truth on this blog. I feel like some bloggers do that and you wont find that here!
4. You will never see me loose touch with my good friends! I love them and I will never let us grow apart!
5. I will NEVER EVER sing Karaoke.... point blank. You dont want me to either!

YAY! I love Friday Fives I will post up a Schedule soon I promise...


Ashalee said...Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Oh geez! I wish I hadn't given in and gotten the nerve to highlight my hair myself! I had a highlighting job that wasn't as light as I wanted it and thought I'd lighten it myself..bad idea, bad, bad idea!! YIKES! oh well!
Enjoyed reading..happy friday!

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