Friday, March 12, 2010

Friday Fives

This weeks Friday Five is 5 Things on Your To Do List!

1. Cleaning my Car! Inside and Out! I eat breakfast in the car every morning and I get stuff everywhere and its just a mess! Most of the time it doesn’t bother me but it does get to a point that I cant take it! I am at that point so this will be number 1 on my list!!!

2. I mentioend my Craft Room in this post but I don’t want to just clean it up I want it to be organized! I want to go through everything and get it filed, stored, labeled and settled!! This will happen! Once I get started I wont stop until it is done… but man its hard to get going!

3. My basement “OH the poor basement”! It’s a MESS!!! My goal is to have a BIG OLE HONKING GARAGE SALE in May(feel free to come and shop I may even have a blog reader discount) so I have just been taking things down there to get ready for the sale and its just getting out of hand! As soon as Nashville has another pretty weekend this is going to be my job(as well as the car cleaning)!

4. This Spring/Summer I want to grow a herb garden! I am always buying random herbs and spices so I have decided to grow my own. I couldn’t tell you the first thing about this but I am going to read up on it and get it going. Pictures soon to come! If anything the pots that I make will be cute(I hope)

5. This is a biggie! I have papers everywhere… bank statements, bills, recipes, instructions, manuels,mail, kagazine tear outs, coupons, notes, blah, blah,blah…. I AM DROWNING( I am not but my home office definitly is) IN MY OWN PAPER!! I need to become one with a labeler, filing box and a shredder! Do any of you have this problem, its ridiculious!! I just need to get it together! This isnt me but it did cracke me up!

Thanks for doing my Friday Five!! Next weeks Question is 5 Things off your Buscket List, basically it is 5 Things you want to do before you die!


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