Friday, March 26, 2010

Friday Fives...

This weeks Friday Fives is 5 Guilty Pleasures!
1. Well obviously my first one is Reality TV! I mean its embarrassing but lets face it I LOVE IT! Its what we talk about at work, all my friends tune in and I even read about it online(Oops went one to far)! And for the record I am very aware that this is my second post about TV this week!

2. My next guilty pleasure is Cokes.... What is it about a real coke? Don't get me wrong I am daily Diet Dr.Pepper drinker, I drink one every day at lunch - I am proud of myself because now I only drink one. BUT there are some days that I just need the real deal.... I need a real coke! Its funny because I can drink one and be fine for a few weeks! We wont even go into my drink issues at Sonic! I mean they have a cup there that is big enough  for me to take a spit bath in(I have no idea why I just said that)! For some reason I will go to Sonic and get that big ole' cup full of a Cherry Limeade and I will be half way done and realize I just drank enough sugar to make a big ole honking cake! Who knows... I am weird!

3. My third pick is Magazines of course! I know that I have talked about this before but I cant help it! I was even going to make a list of all the magazines  I get but I figured I have already embarrassed myself enough with all the TV watching and my big Sugar drinks!

4. My fourth pick is definitely PEDICURES!! I love them!! I love nothing more than taking a magazine and heading to get a pedicure.Who doesn't love a pedicure?? I love the feeling of clean feet and pretty toes!

                          Let me just stop and say that you can find pictures of anything on the Internet...

5. Last but not least number 5! For all of my friends that know me they are not going to be surprised by this one at all!!! My guilty pleasure is CELEBRITY GOSSIP!! I love the online celebrity gossip website, I don't know why I just do and I have accepted and moved on!!! Some of my favorites....

                       Let me tell you a little about this websites! Some local Nashville girls run this website!
                            I love it! Good Job Girls! And Miss.Lisa she has one precious little Yorkie!

Thanks for reading about my Guilty Pleasures! If you want to join in link up below!!!

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