Friday, March 12, 2010

Fun Stuff....

I had a BLAST at LADY A, it was as great as I thought it was going to be! It was a packed house at the Ryman, I love the Ryman because you know that the people in there are DIE HARD fans and the energy is ridiculous. So basically I am just gonna give you a run down of the night in the good oh list fashion!

1. Dinner at J. Alexander's... Stephanie made the waitor nervous, we saw a dog drink out of the waterfall out front which I am sure had chlorine in it, we ordered a side salad and we got these huge mounds of lettuce which was a little embarrising!

2. Off to the concert and Steph had us parking in some shady garage and we were at least 1000 ft below the ground in there and it kinda freaked me out! I had to remind them that Nashville is a hot spot for earthquakes and that is not where I wanted to be in a Nashville earthquake. Let me pause here and tell you about Rachel. Tonight was the first time that she really hung out with Stephanie and I together where we were both in rare form! Rachel I hope we didnt scare you to bad but you were a blast!!!!

3. Concert= Amazing! It was so good and they were AMAZING live! It was a great show and of course I am going to have to name drop here. They were introducing the band and they introduced the keyboard player and yup I know him. He went to my church, we went on the same mission granted I didn't know it was him till the introduced him but cool is that!

And now the best part....PICTURES!!!!!!

This is Josh Kelly he opened for Lady A and he is married to Katherine Heigel

Hillary from Lady A! Her voice is insane!!

The whole Lady A gang!

This is there guitar player! Check out those pigtails!

This was during my FAVORITE Lady A song... Need you now!

Stephanie and I decided that men shouldn't wear V-Necks!

"Hey I know that guy..."

Encore... I cant even tell you how amazing the encore was!

Ok Look closely! Oh Flossy forgot to put pants on! She had on a shirt and boots! WOW we laughed all night about this girl!

Being at the Ryman reminded me of the last time I was there! My sweet Clif got us tickets and backstage passes to Ashley Simpson!! I can say we were probably the oldest ones there and Clif was one of  the five guys there! He was a trooper....

Alrighty I am off to bed tomorrow is my Grannys Birthday!


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