Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Goodness Gracious Those Kids are Cute....

The other night I was going back through old post so that I could update a couple of the labels on old post because I have big changes coming to the ole' blog so I am trying to be organized and plan ahead! Anyways in my organizing I came across these 4 old post that have videos from when I taught on them and it had me laughing out loud!

1.Click here to see the first video! Did you not die! How precious is that sweet angel! I love him to pieces and I miss that sweet kiddo!

2. Click here to laugh! This kid made me laugh all them time! Oh goodness....

3. Click here to see pure Cuteness! I love her, she was my little sassy student! She carried a Louis Vuitton lunchbox and I loved it!

4. Click here to laugh! This sweet angel is so teeny tiny- She used to sing this song that a Barbie toy she had sung. You cant understand what she is saying but you can see how into it she is! Precious!

I hope they made you laugh!

I love when bloggers do tutorial's especially when it is something that I want to learn! Check out my friend Tammy's blog! She did a photo shop "how to" and she is going to start doing "how to's" every other week and I cant wait! Thanks Tammy!!!!

This time tomorrow night I will be at Lady Antebellum concerts!! YAY


Kaz and Amy said...Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Loved this. So cute and funny! Have fun at the concert! I know you will! I love them:)


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