Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Road Rage...

I'm in a bad mood tonight! I am warning you now that I have brought my Road Rage to the blog tonight, so buckle up and get ready for some SERIOUS complaining!
  • I should have turned around and come straight home back to bed after this incident this morning! I am driving down Briley Pkwy.(an interstate here in Nashville) minding my own business and here he comes! This big ole' truck/trailer deal, he crosses 4 lanes and then slams his brakes on because he is getting off at the wrong exit! Yup I am the car right behind him! I SLAMMED my brakes, my purse goes flying, my oatmeal( I eat breakfast in the car) goes flying, and I swerve into the median! Let me tell you I have never come so close to wrecking and not hitting anything! The TruLawn(that's right I am calling you out) moron simply waves and drives off!! REALLY REALLY!! Well guess what BUDDY I got your truck number and you better believe I made a NASTY phone call when I got to the office! While I am sitting there gathering my composure I look up and there is Paul Bunyan( a big burly stranger in flannel) tapping on my window! OH GREAT not only did I almost wreck now I am getting kidnapped, not really, he was the car behind me and he just wanted to make sure I was OK!
  • So this afternoon I am sitting in the lovely Maryland Farms traffic and the light turns green and where I am from that means I can go! Well good thing I look up because here come Flossy just tooting right through her red light! REALLY SWEETIE PAY ATTENTION! OK so let me just say that she was probably( this is my assumption) 5 days of 16 years old driving a BRAND NEW RANGE ROVER!! Yup that's right you can be jealous because I sure am! I mean lets just all agree that a 16 year old girl(again I am assuming) does not need to be driving that car... POINT BLANK!!
  • So again sitting in traffic and I am eating an apple so what do you think would be the logical option when you are done with it? Toss it out the window, its not trash right it can be a great snack for the wildlife! Well the lady beside me didnt think so! After I made the toss she shamed me... she shook her finger at me! My word lady calm down! I think everyone is angry because we have been forced to accept new health care changes... wait maybe that's just me!
OK that's all of my Road Rage so now let me give you my regular ole' complaints of the night...
  • The group dance on DWTS(Dancing with the Stars) embarrasses me! I mean I just don't get it! Button up your shirt sweetie you are on NATIONAL TV!
  • I also hate how they draw out the elimination shows to an hour- this goes for all the shows! Really they could do it all in a commercial. We dont need an hour of the dramatic lights and music to tell me who is going home!
  • I have had the same headache for 2 days! WHAT IS THAT ABOUT! Nothing helps and its making me angry and a little ill(if you are still reading at this point I know that you aren't shocked by this)!!
  • Its only Tuesday!
  • Oh I just got fired up remembering this mornings almost wreck! It made me spill my coffee... it raises my blood pressure just thinking about it!
Ok I am done I promise! No need to put all my anger out you(to late for that I think)! With all my bad moodiness I do have a small bit of good news! I got my test results back from my regular bladder exam( short recap: I had a car wreck 4 years ago, I have never been right since(HA) but bladder took a beating in the wreck and I have had trouble ever since)! Well the test showed that my bladder is FINALLY looks normal again and its working perfectly right now!!! THATS RIGHT FRIENDS 4 YEARS LATER AND A HECK OF A LOT OF MEDICINES,TESTS AND SURGERY I can pee like all of you now(with the help of Detrol and Cipro daily)!

Ok I am off to still wait for them to announce that Kate Gosslin will be kicked off DWTS!


Ashley said...Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Poor you! Sounds like you had a terrible start to your day. I would have called too and made a complaint and I might have even followed him and tuned him myself. But that's just me and my road rage. :)
The 16 year old driving the Range Rover (I'm assuming that your assumption is right) could have used a little shout out as well.

Yay for the good news! Glad to hear all is well again.

Sorry your day was so crummy, let's hope tomorrow is much better.


Mrs. D said...Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

I'm so sorry you had a bad day! We have some serious traffic issues in our area in VA too, so I feel ya. And YES, kick Kate off of DWTS and give her an excuse to watch her kids for once!

Thanks for stopping by my blog! Your blog is just too cute! I'm definitely going to follow!

Jen said...Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Oh so sorry to hear about your day! Bummer for it only being Tuesday too; totally hear you there!
Blog is looking fab btw :)

Kerbi said...Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

I am so sorry about your bad day! I have really bad road rage...SO many people should NOT be allowed to drive!

Tiffany said...Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

What a day!
Truck drivers (not all) can be so dumb sometimes...I mean hello you are way bigger than these cars and u just don't care! That was sweet of the man to make sure you were ok though!
As for the lady and the apple! She is crazy...a bird/squirrel/rabbit would love to get some of that!
Hope tomorrow is better for ya!

family of 4 on the move! said...Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Good for you for getting the guys information and reporting him! I am so tired of people thinking it is ok to drive like morons these days.
I have a hard time here when people do dumb things I have to just be quiet and take it..it REALLY SUCKS!! They have laws here about giving any kind of hand gesture and you will get ticketed besides the fact that if I yell at someone they probably wouldn't understand me nor me their response! Oh well maybe it will teach me patience..or get me all fumed up to return to the states! LOL

lindsey said...Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Wow! I am so sorry to hear about your terrible almost wreck!!! I completely understand where you are coming from thanks to the FANTASTIC drivers in Charleston. I have a pretty bad road rage problem and I find that holding my breath and then letting out a loud screech truly helps my frustration. Lol. I hope your day is better today!

Ben and Emily said...Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Briley Pkwy is the worst!

I'm so glad you're okay!

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