Tuesday, March 23, 2010


I mean honestly when will I ever learn!! "Get it together Beth"! That's me yelling at myself!

I come home from work change clothes out of my work clothes into lounge stuff! As soon as  I sat down my phone beeps with an email! Well its the library letting me know that the books that I reserved have to be put back if I don't pick them up soon! So in my lounge clothes I run to the library, who am I going to see there! WELL of course I saw a girl I went to HS with, I mean honestly what are the odds. I could have played the gym card but nope I have on Uggs... I am telling you one day I will learn! I figured since I was out I will run to Marshalls at this point I dont care who sees me, I did pull my pant leg out of the top of my Uggs since I was to lazy to do it the first place!

Let me stop here to tell you about my serious love for Lenny's(a local sub shop)! Its my fave, I love it, its clean, they have fresh meats and bread and it doesn't have that weird smell that Subway does(what is that by the way).

Ok back to Marshalls. I am standing in the aisle that the pots and stuff are on and there was  another lady and a guy in the aisle as well. I looked up and the guy was a guy that works at Lennys so he smiled and said Hi and went back to looking(I'm telling you I go there all the time)! I really am almost embarrassed to type this out but oh well it cracked me up! He went to squat down to look at something and he tooted and lets just say there was no denying that for a shoe noise! I am a grown adult but I was dying trying not to laugh, I stated to sweat because I got so nervous! That poor guy didn't know what to do- he was blocked in the aisle because I was on one side and the other lady was on the other side. I mean what do you do? You cant run off, you cant laugh, you cant do anything... finally I just had to walk off and I literally was running out of that store! It was so "stinking" funny! What in the world am I going to do when I see him at Lennys!!!!

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