Sunday, March 21, 2010

What an odd but productive weekend I had and I cant believe it is already over! I guess the weekends go by so fast because I am always super busy! I will just give you a quick rundown because I am just lazy tonight...

On Friday I rushed to the car place after work to drop my car off to get new tires, I dropped it off on Friday because I just knew that I wouldn't be able to get up at 6am Saturday Morning. After that I was off to Opry Mills to use my Gap friends and family coupon(3o% off the total), we all know I love a coupon so I was smiling all the way to the mall. It WAS PACKED, Christmas time packed! I am talking lines at the checkout, lines at the dressing rooms...  I looked around, found a few things and I was off to pay and outta there. I will be trying on at home(mistake)!

Saturday I was up and at it. I went to my pick up  my car, I had my wallet and starbucks in hand as I was walking in and this is the coversation I had with a complete stranger
 Strange Man: Arent we lucky that we are able to to get a Starbucks (my thoughts: I hate people say A Starbucks)
Me: Smiling and Nodding and walking
Strange Man: I really like my coffee in the morning
Me: Yeah... Me Too
Strange Man: There should be a Starbucks Coffee Club
Me: mmmm...yeah that could be fun

And he smiled and walked away. Well alrighty them Mr. Starbucks man thanks for that odd and awkward conversation. Even the cashier girl was like "What just happen?"

After the car ordeal I was headed home to get busy! I cleaned my car, shuffled crap around the garage cleaned the garage, laundry, painted my new planters and spray painted some frames... It was  busy day! Whats better after a busy day, a bubble bath of course! While in the bath I noticed that arms looked really red and my face felt hot! When I got out and looked in the mirror I about died. My face was so red it looked purple and my lips were swollen up like Lisa Rinna's!
Alrighty then something weird is going on! I was freaking out and called the mom's, take a benadryl ASAP she says! My the time I found some my lips were HUGE! Long story short, allergic reaction to the new bubble bath. After the Benadryl I was OUT...

Today is my busy day! I always clean and just get ready for the week so that usually mean that on Sundays its a non shower, yuck clothes day. Well that was today but I needed to go back to the Gap to return. So off I go in my work clothes and gross hair to the mall. When will I learn that when you go out looking a Hot Mess you will see someone you know! Standing in the middle of the GAP this girl walks by and smiles and said Hello, I was nice but I didnt know her and  I looked like death warmed over. I saw her again in the store and she headed my way, GREAT... not only do I look homeless, I have no clue who she is! Here it goes...
Her: Hi I read your blog
Me: Really? Thanks....
Her: I thought that was you but I wasn't for sure
Me: Yes well I dont always look homeless
Me : Thanks for reading!

SOOOO girl from the Gap if I didn't scare you to death and you ever decide to come back to my blog  I want to apologize for being weird! I looked like death warmed over and I was so super embarrassed!

Wow It was an odd weekend! I hope you had a great one!

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