Friday, April 9, 2010

Friday Fives....

Oh my stars its already Friday Fives time  AGAIN-
Just Me and My Life

This weeks Friday Five is things that make you laugh, smile, giggle, chuckle... You should play along! Grab my button and had you link below for some Friday Five!

1. OH MY GOODNESS! This video makes me hark my lung every time! I don't really know but when that bozo jumps up and screams, I loose it!! It really gets funny at 2:02! I am very aware that I am odd but it totally cracks me up...

2. Its raining, its dark, its thundering-perfect weather to run errands with the mom right! I cant even type because it makes me laugh every time! I drop her off at her house and she has a steep driveway well she is going to gather her stuff and make a run to the front door. I don't know what happen to that plan but she got the car door open and it looked like she was going down  a slide. She totally wiped out! I mean I LOST it- it was one of those laughs that there is no noise because I was laughing so hard! I didnt even ask if she was ok- I couldn't- it was like one of those falls that was in slow motion! Whats even more funny is that she just laid there getting wet and I was dying laughing the whole time! She gets up, looks at me and just says "Thanks for the help"- Still nothing from me at this point I wasn't  breathing! I laughed all the way home!

3.  I was sitting in the car waiting on Clif and here he comes and I am not sure what he was doing but he walks over to the car on my side- let me stop here to say that I was in the passenger seat of my on car because Clif has issues with letting anyone else drive so he always had to drive! Anyways there is a car parked right beside mine and he steps off the curb and trips! Again all in slow motion- he tried to catch himself and that didnt turn out good for him- his arm came out place but what was so funny he looked like a pinball bouncing between the 2 cars on the way down. I WAS SHAKING I WAS LAUGHING SO HARD! I knew that he was probably going to be hurt but I couldn't help it- I have also learned to try very hard not to laugh when a guy falls. I gather my composure, he is MAD, I am still trying very hard to not loose it and he turns the car on- Again let me stop and  fill you in: I went through a big Tim McGraw phase and I loved this one random song on his CD and it starts off with "Im just a blank sheet of paper"(I want you to know that I am sitting outside writing this and I am certain the neighbors think I am drunk because I am laughing out loud)! Clif would get so mad because every time he turned the car on that song would be blaring(Ill admit it now that I always planned it). After the big pinball fall he turns the car on and it was blaring ANNNDD I lost it- I could not stop laughing, it literally went on for days! I am pretty certain that he would laugh about this today(I think) but it sure wasn't funny to him then!

4. So we live in Nashville! Great city with just a little pinch of redneckness and that explains why my little brother has a train horn on his truck! This bad boy is L-O-U-D! So loud that you don't want to use it in front of a cop! I can tell you that I have never ever laugh as hard as I do when he honks that bad boy at someone. I cant even explain to you how funny it is.... Don't worry if you think its mean it probably is but I got my pay back at the mall one day! This kid drives by and he has one(again just a pinch of redneck) and this ole' gal(me) jumped out of her UGGs and threw her bags up! I couldn't help but crack up when I heard the dying laughing! Oh such fun to be a redneck!
This is not us but I got it off You Tube but it is exactly what it is like...

5. This was not funny at the time but  I can only imagine what the people around were thinking -it cracks me up! The sun is shining, birds were chirping, everyone was smiling, excitement in the air, butterflies in the stomach-I AM BECOMING A PROUD OWNER OF A LOUIS VUITTON DAY!!  I was FIRED UP! Steph was excited and Dad just thought I was getting a purse(he calls Louis Vuitton Dooney and Burke-if that tells you anything)! And No I didnt warn dad of how much my little jewel was going to cost!

Let me catch you up on whats going on- Dad lives in California, Steph and I go out for a visit, Steph and I have saved for a year for our big San Fran. shopping trip, We jump off the trolley and we are in a slight jog because we are so excited, off to Neiman Marcus we go, Steph buys $200 sunglasses and my dad starts to panic, next stop Louis Vuitton!

We get to the door and I am ready and I'll be if I didnt  hear the clicking-the constant clicking of my Dads camera! That's right, he is taking my picture walking into  Louis Vuitton! DAD BE COOL WE ARE GOING INTO LOUIS VUITTON and I yank on the handle and WHHHHHOOOOMMMMMMMM- they weren't open yet and the door was still locked! When I yanked on it something happen to to the top of the door handle(it was this super long wooden handle) and it made this loud noise- IM DYING-I am pretty sure the staff in the store thought they were being robbed and DADS STILL TAKING PICTURES(if things don't work out in health care for my dad  he could easily work for the Paparazzi)! I about died and right after the security guy unlocked the door so we had to walk in, the staff is staring(I think they were a little frighten) and I was mortified! Anyways I got my bag and I was happy....Sheesh after that I thought I deserved the LV luggage- Dad on the hand had a bit of cardiac arrest when he realized what I paid for my LV purse so he wasn't springing for the luggage!

*********************UPDATED FROM ORIGINAL POST*************************

You have to go over to Steph's page and check out her Friday Fives! I was laughing so hard at her "Dingy" story! I almost worte about that but I just couldnt decide! SO FUNNY.... I am so glad she wrote about it!


Mari said...Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

The videos are hilarious!

Jennifer said...Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Very funny stories. =)

Melissa's Thoughts said...Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

You are too funny. I loved these videos. That poor girl liked to have jumped out of her skin.

Missy Culpepper said...Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Oh man. One cannot share enough Richard Simmons stories. This was a perfect start to your Friday 5's!

Hilarious and inspiring :)

Summer said...Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

I just love your blog and heart you deary! I have been kinda having a stinky day and you just cheered me right up! I laughed so hard I almost peed my pants at the Richard Simmons video! That Bozo was running around like nobody's business! He cracks me up!!

Oh I see you have a button....I am gonna grab it (ok that cracks me up everytime I see grab my button) I am so wierd LOL....and put it on my bloggy blog....

Summer :0)

C'est La Vie said...Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

ok that video just made me CRACK up

AND a thunderstorm is SO mu favorite weather!

cute blog! :)

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