Saturday, May 1, 2010

Floodpalooza 2010

So you ask what I did during the bad weather(no one asked I just wanted to post some pictures)....

I spent a little time decorating with flowers from my yard...No worries I didnt get out in Floodpaloza to pick them I did it yesterday!

Spent a little time with ole' Dyson! I love that you can see STRAIGHT into the ole' bathroom!

I cooked-ate none of it and just packed it up and put it in the fridge! I cook when I am nervous-silly I know!

After the cooking there was some cleaning of the kitchen...

During all the cleaning my little weather radio was going 100 miles an hour!

I spent NO time organizing this mess, Look at all the Vera Bradley- I am tad embarrassed by this picture!

Instead of cleaning the Vera mess I spent a little time with these lovely people...

 I did get a little laundry and Ironing done...

Oh Stars look at my ironing pile- Glad to say its all done! I see my little Louis in this picture!

I swapped pink for brown- I found $1.40 in change in my purse(why does that excite me?)

I DID NOT get this planted today-Tornadoes and Gardening are not a good mix!

I did run next door to see this... Good Job Jackson! There were a lot of Lego's involved in this project!

 I cleaned this up!! Do you know what this is???


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