Saturday, May 29, 2010

Our Amazing Garage Sale shoppers...

We came We saw and We conquered the GARAGE SALE!!!

 I think everyone has had the moment where your standing there amongst all your stuff and you think to yourself  "I will NEVER have another Garage Sale"! I think I told Kim a million times that I wont be having another sale but as we were cleaning up today we were actually discussing having another one! This sale turned out to be GREAT! We sold almost everything so it was worth it!

I do say the best part of a Garage Sale is the people watching! OH MY STARS did we have some People Watching going on in my driveway- I even considered taking notes so that I could share with you! I also considered taking iPhone pictures but I chickened out! So I will just share a few descriptions...

We met the ULTIMATE heart breaker and we know this because she had it on her t-shirt! She even went to the full measure of telling us why she was the heart breaker and she left out NO details! Let me tell you that sweet 10 year old Jackson sat there and learned a lot from the good ole Heart Breaker!! He also got to see what a real mullet  looked like because she was rocking one! I think the best part of that whole thing is her little momma came up behind her and apologized for heart breaking  daughter!!

My sweet friend Jayne and the MOST precious little Anniston came by the sale! They were there for this next shopper! This man who was very nice and asked a lot of questions but had on a green jersey(picture tank top no undershirt and the jersey was a TAD snug)! He was also wearing "Jorts"(cut off jean shorts) and his little flip flops! I talked with him when he first got there  and he was telling me that he liked bright color and fashion and what not! He was very excited about his great new find and new bag- it was Zoe's old Pink Leopard dog bag?!? From talking with him I didnt feel that he had a puppy so what was he going to do with that bag???

If I am in the mood I will goof off and carry on and there was this guy there today that just cracked me up so I started messing with him-trying to get him to buy a $140 coffee maker(another story for another time)! He was goofing off back and he ends up buying a $2.00 Shammy thing- he was paying and I was giving him a hard time and he gave me this creepy wink thing- I blew it off- he did it again- he isnt very swagger about it either- my Granny was sitting right beside me and I could see her looking at him! I stop messing around and he leaves! It was funny when he left but next thing I know he is back! He comes back to buy a bowling ball??? REALLY dude! I couldn't pass it up I had to give him a hard time -creepy winking or not the guy came back to buy a bowling ball if you know me then you KNOW I had to say something-poor guy didnt have a chance-I really do think my Mom was a little scared for him when he came back and got that because she knew that I couldnt not say anything-Poor guy!

I met A LOT of people from the neighborhood! I met this sweet older man that lives down the road- he is a retired(I think) doctor! He is chatting and telling me about other people in the neighborhood- such a sweet little man AND the conversation goes south! He proceeded to say " If you see a man on a ladder looking in your windows thats just  me" - UM excuse me Sir????I heard my Granny say "Huh?"!  He proceeds to say it again! I immediately become very busy with something else! WOW....

You all know that I learned my couponing from my neighbor so she had 4 bags of 12 Knox gelatin boxes(she got store overage for them) and this little old man comes up and asks what it is and Kim tells him and then adds that its good for your nails! He proceeded to hold up his middle finger at her(and Jackson) and says "will it help this" he had no finger nail at all! Oh me Oh my....

Today, this afternoon, wrapping up 2 days of Garage Saling a man walks up to Kim and I and says in his very SWEET voice to Kim "Is your Mother dead"! There is a little back story to this but not enough for him to walk up to her and ask her this! At this point in the day I had to completly turn my head away from him so that I didnt loose it!

There are so many other things that I could tell you but I am taking my garage saled self to a bubble bath! I will say that there was an incident today that was very unfortunate for myself and the lady involved! MORTIFIED doesn't even remotely cover it! It was so bad that I cant even rehash it on here! My Face is blood red even thinking of it- I know that Kim is beyond laughing right now!

I will share a few pictures but lets be honest I am to tired to to walk into the kitchen to get my camera! I will post them tomorrow!

Oh is one from my phone....

Look at that sweet angel girl!! Love her!! She found her a hat at the Garage Sale!

Ok I am going to take a bubble bath but NOT before I go close all the blinds-I dont need a visit from the Dr!


Kim Elkins said...Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

We can't forget the oriental lady with 2 different socks, the woman in her bathrobe, the cave man that bought a beaded jacket, Baker TELLING everyone to buy his kool-aid, and the fact that somebody bought my kid's used underwear.WOW.

Ashley said...Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Oh my goodness, sounds like you two had a great time with all of the interesting people there. Haha! I am itching to hear that story.


Jenni said...Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Sounds like you had a successful sale!

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