Monday, July 26, 2010

I dont do storms!!

Ok I am out of Sunday night funk! 
I just had to get my car wreck anger and whining out so I figured who better to complain to then you guys
(I know you are thrilled, right?)!
 Thank you for all of your AMAZING comments and for you cats that sent me mean emails this is for you....

Its my birthday week Kiddos! This time next week I will be...
Im not thrilled about it(lets be honest I cry every time I think about it) but it is what is and it is going to happen! I need to slap on a fake smile and just be fake happy about it! I am taking a few  days off  work so at least I have a short work week! 

Let me tell you something its just plain hot in good ole' NashVegas! I am starting to wonder what August is going to look like! If you have never been to Nashville then you might not know the....

Ok after that last the that is when I threw down my computer, called Todd next door(that's the neighbor but Kim wasn't home)  and told him I was coming over! Within 5 minutes Nashville turned into tornado valley! I panicked for a a quick minute ripped of my pj pants and put on something else and took off thru the yard like a crazy person!!
Poor Todd... 
 I will say that I warned them when I moved that I dont do storms!! Its was over faster than it started!

Ok well I totally lost my thoughts on what this post was supposed to be about after all that mess so I am living you on this Monday night with a big ole'
for being the BEST BLOG READERS EVER!!!


Mom2One said...Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Storms are not my forte either. I was on the phone with mom last night (she lives in Clarksville) and she was telling me that there was a tornado watch in Davidson county. Must have been just about that time you were darting across the yard to your neighbors house. =) We don't have a basement in our home, and it freaks me out to think that I would have to lay in the bathtub in the middle of a tornado. EEK!!! I think I want one of those crazy shelters underground. I'm telling you 30 is NOTHING. You'll feel wiser the minute you turn 30. Been there. It's def makes you think since you're no longer in your twenty's, but 30 really isn't all that bad. Hope you have a great birthday week!!!!

Melissa's Thoughts said...Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Was that not the craziest storm ever. Glad you guys are ok. Christopher was out taking pictures and I was texting like crazy..TORNADO'S ARE COMING TORNADO'S ARE he know's I'm crazy.

Charlotte said...Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

w ehad an INSANE storm here last night!! I was crazy!!!! Love your blog! Im a new follower!

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