Wednesday, August 11, 2010


I have to say that this Wordless Wednesday maybe one of my favorites yet!! 
I am telling you I love me some pictures and I always love a good Black and White! 
Let me answer a few questions that I have gotten about todays post...

1. If  I come across a picture that I like online I will just save it and hope that one day I will use it.
I came across the Sarah Jessica Parker picture first and that its what inspired the BW WW post!
So that is usually how I come up with these types of post.

2. I love all things New York! 
That is why I put the Twin Towers and the September 11th pictures on there.
They are apart of New Yorks history...

3. I have a fascination with the Kennedy's and I just liked that picture with the White House in the background.

4. Yes its safe to say that I like politics. 

5. The toy lamb doesn't mean anything I just liked it and you know me I love RANDOM! 

6. The city scene under the lamb in Nashville! 
The flooded picture is Nashville!
The man with the guitar is Johnny Cash!

7. No I don't think I would wear that polka dotted dress!

8. The shoes are Loubitons

8. Are you shocked that the Anderson Cooper and Miss GaGa made the cut?

Thanks for all the comments and emails about this post! I loved it and had so much fun putting it together!! 

Dont Forget this weeks Friday Five is...

5 of your favorite websites 


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