Thursday, September 9, 2010

Just a Quick Check In...

Did you love my cupcake post today?
Now I wanna cupcake...
Also just letting you know that I am Starbucks Free of 2 days!

I just got home from dinner with my little brother.
Let me tell you something that kid makes me laugh out loud!
I literally harked my lung in the restaurant laughing so hard.
He was telling me about some of the people whose yards he cut and my word it was funny...
Seriously love that kid-he always makes me laugh.

I think I have showed this picture here before but its a great
Before and After!

Im just stopping by to remind you about the Fives Tomorrow!
September 10th- 5 Things you Remember About the day of September 11th

Dont forget if you link up your name goes into the drawing for the $35 giftcard giveaway!


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