Thursday, October 28, 2010

ANOTHER Hodge Podge Post!

How is it already Thursday?
This week has FLOWN by, WOW!! 

I got an email this morning from Williams Sonoma(we are friends like that) telling me that this sweet lady is gonna be in town next weekend! 

Do you know who this is??
Its Miss Angie from the famous Bakerella website, the cake pops lady and
the author of this book!
I will be there to meet her for sure! 
I will be that girl squealing and getting my picture made with her!! 
I love her little website and her cake pops are PRECIOUS!! 

I have talked before about my love obsession for coupons!
I know that you are suppossed to buy only things that are on sale and that you have a coupon for and stock piling comes with the territory! 
Here is the question when does stock piling become hoarding??
For example (by now we all know I have a hoarding issue- have you seen my magazine stack? It needs its own zip code!)
Excedrin Migraine is the way to go when it comes to headaches but its expensive! So when it goes on sale you better watch out-I will push to get my 15  2 bottles!
I have 4 bottles at home 
Its on sale at Publix this week
I have coupons
Do I buy more?
No would be the answer- I know that! 
But WHAT IF it never goes on sale again??
I know I need to speak to a professional about this! 
I blame "the neighbor" she is the one that introduced me to Southern Savers!
But I have to say I only spend about $20 a week on groceries so I guess my hoarding of Excedrin is not a big deal :)
If you want to become a Hoarder a good couponer check out Southern Savers!

Ok are you ready for some celebrity gossip?

Did you see that Mariah Carey is Pregnant?
I have never really thought she was a stable one, did you see her on MTV cribs??
Her having a kid makes me a tad nervous but she married to a guy who isnt much older than a kid so maybe it will all work out! 

Another one bites the dust! 
Miley Cyrus's parents are getting the big D! 
I'm not really surprised but it is sad! 

Charlie Sheen - Well, all I can say is "Poor excuse for a man"! 

I have to say this is a pretty darn good cd! 

Ok I am off and I will see you back tomorrow for the Friday Fives Random Question week! 


BelleinBows said...Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Checking out Southern Savers now. I stockpile and hoard things but spend too much money doing it!
I agree with you in the TSwift CD. More mature than the last few.

Sarah Wyland said...Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

I am LOVING Taylor's new CD! I've listened to it almost exclusively all week. I was set for it to be mediocre at best so it blew me away.

I love Bakerella! I jut found some Halloween cupcake inspiration on her site. :)

Marianne said...Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

do you read the blog All American Jess? I feel like y'all would like each other.

Anyway, Charlie is a freakin' hot mess. Actually, we prayed for him and Mel G. in my Bible Study last night hahaha. Waste of oxygen, party of 2.

Nick Cannon is 29, so he's not really THAT young ;) But he has to be pretty stupid to marry the mental instability that is Mariah Carey. I'm scared for them lol.

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