Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Blogging is the Game and Random is the Theme...

Blogging is the Game and Random is the Theme! 
This post is gonna be all over the place so get ready.....

I am 30(gosh, it still really pains me to say that) and these things finally make sense to me and I really do get it(call me a slow learner)....

1. If you can't afford it with your debit card then you dont need it!

2. Name Brands are silly!
 Dont even throw my beloved Louis Vuitton in my face right now- I paid cash for my Louis and they are apart of my family! They are in my top 5 things to get if my house catches fire! 
BUT over the years I have loved to appreciate a bargain and I dont need to shop at the high end stores to fun the good stuff! I will admit I used to be a name brand snob! Ask my Mom back in the day I was all about some Abercrombie and American Eagle!
If I find something at Wal-Mart you better believe I am getting it an wearing it proud!

3. Nothing is good without your friends or family....

4. You cant live for the future! I am so bad about this!! 
I realized I am wishing life away...I need to SLOW down! 

Ok there are my life lessons of today! 

So here we go with my random thoughts of the day...
Did you VOTE today?
Who did you vote for?
Are you Democrat or Republican?
Do you like Obama?
Why did you choose the people that you voted for?
Did you like Bush?

Are you uncomfortable yet with these questions?
Why do people say "Dont talk about politics or money"?
We are beyond fortunate to live in a a country with freedom of speech- lets use it! 
I know these conversations can be weird but I think we should be able to talk about these things. You can learn so much about politics by just having these conversations! Let me tell you we have these conversations at lunch with coworkers all the time and we all have different views, opinions, thoughts... and its great to talk about it and share your views and move on! 
Ok I am off my soap box...

Wait for it....
Are you fired up?
Look what has landed at the Brentwood Starbucks...

I have to give a little shout out to my friend Nicole! 
She always tells me that she loves my blog and it always makes me smile! 
We can all think Nicole for my Louis Vuitton love because she is the reason I love it so much! 
She got a bag for Christmas, brought it work  and there began my love for the Louis! I really do think I was more excited about it than she was! 
She married her baseball playing husband, had a sweet baby boy and thanks to Twitter and Facebook we get to stay in contact!
Thanks Nicole for reading my nonsense of a blog! 

Sweet boy!

And she loves to decorate for Christmas as much as I do! 

Last night when I couldnt sleep I thought that I left one sweet girl off my Favorite Trick or Treaters! 
What in the world is wrong with me?
Sweet Baby Annistson!!!
Well thats the cutest duck I have ever seen! 

I love to travel but considering I am 30 (ouch) and I just realized that if you dont have cash dont buy it lesson I dont get to travel a lot! BUT I know that I can go over to Sara's blog and look at all of her pictures and feel like I have been on a mini trip! Go check out her pictures at C'est La Vie... 
One of my favorites...

These hats are all the rage!
I cant pull it off and I am not even going to try but they are cute! 
Ok if I do try I will share a picture....maybe?

I loved all the comments I got on this post!
So stinking funny!! 


{Selma} Crazy Little World Of Mine said...Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Loved this post girl. I've been a bad comment person lately. :( This post is the first I'm reading today *so feel honored* and I totally agree...your blog is your outlet and you can write and say whatever you want...politics or not. :) Wish Starbucks would finally start with some Xmas stuff over here. I'm tired of the same old stuff, and I want one of those hats and I so need those glasses too. ;)

Happy Tuesday. :)

Anonymous said...Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Sweet Anniston is the cutest little duck I have ever seen...she is a sweetheart!

michelle ellis said...Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

I adore all of your life lessons :) Great advice! And, yes, that is the cutest duckie I have ever seen!

Ben and Emily said...Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

I used to be a label snob too! I actually apologized to my mom for begging her to buy all that overpriced Abercrombie stuff! I used to really want a Coach purse but rather have a Target one now!

I voted! Republican, don't care for Obama and respected Bush.

Seeing the Starbucks cups makes me crave their Peppermint hot chocolate! May just have to get one tomorrow!

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