Thursday, January 13, 2011


I have never been one to hide my political opinions, especially on here.
 I feel like we live in America and we are blessed to have freedom of speech. I will listen to your opinions and be open minded and thats the great thing about living in this amazing country- we are free to have freedom in our choices! 

Last night I sat down and was ready to hear Obama speak about the Arizona shooting (if you follow me on Twitter some of this will be a repeat)!
 I really hoped that he would be genuine and heart felt for the families and the ones that were lost. I didn't want it to be some big political rally (but who am I to say what I want)! 
And let me tell you I think he did fantastic(yes your read that right)!
 He spoke from the heart and I think it showed. I felt like the families, friends of the ones that were lost deserved that. I will say all the clapping and whistling was big time inappropriate but what can you do with a crowd that size. 
I feel like we(the Americans) haven't seen that side of President Obama in a long time and honestly it was good to see. 

Now fast forward to the end of the speech and of course I am off to channel 13 to see my main man! 

And guess what he made me mad! He had a panel of 6 guys on his show and basically all they were doing was critiquing Obama's speech and basically talking about all the things he should have said and then of course they had to talk about all the Sarah Paling hoopla! I flipped over to FoxNews and same stinking thing!!

Ok, I am going off or a quick second on Mrs. Palin.

I like her, I think she smart BUT she is media happy! 
I feel like she is always there with something to say and she always knows what to say to get everyone in an uproar which will lead in her always being in the media (these are my opinions quick reminder)! This might be a smart move for her if she is going to run for President but I think she maybe loosing some respect in the process- I could be wrong but again that is how I feel.

I think that the Arizona shooting is unimaginable and I cant even imagine what their friends and families have been through so I think the speech the President gave was thoughtful and respectful for the situation. 
So why cant the media leave it be? 
Why cant the Anderson Coopers and Shepard Smiths let it be and be respectful? 
I know they have a job to do but the media is running this country and not our President. 
Why can Sarah Palin use her platform to show her respects and that be it. 
They (the people with public platforms) are taking this tragedy and making it into this big political thing and I hate it for the families, friends, the ones that were lost, the ones that lay in hospital beds....


Laura said...Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

I have to take a moment and say huge AMEN!!!! I can not stand all the media/political crap that is going on with the shooting in AZ. The guy was unstable and a nut job. THE END No one made him do it. It's terrible and putting blame on political parties is going to do what exactly??? Not make this right or better the situation. Ugg and that stupid Sherif in AZ is on the top of my idiot list. A sherif is supposed to be non-partial. Going on national TV and stating how you believe its Palin, Rush, and Glen Becks fault. Blaming everyone who is against your open borders opinion, is not how someone of your position should be doing. I could go on and on, but I'm going to stop before I right a ten page essay. lol Just wanted you to know you are far from alone.

Christina said...Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

I agree with you on Obama's speech. I could tell there was real emotion there, especially concerning little Christina. I didn't see Anderson Cooper, but I also agree with you here, it would be nice if we could let this be. Why critique this type of thing? I have no doubt that he did his best given the circumstances.

Heidi said...Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

if I could stand up and applaud this post I would! Very well said!

Krystal said...Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

"media is running this country and not our President."

You are SO right, it's shameful. People believe everything the newscasters say -- whether it's foxnews or msnbc or cnn or even the local news! I just wish everyone would get educated about their opinions and not believe everything they are told.

ashleycottrell said...Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Nicely put!! I 2nd, 3rd all that you said.

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