Monday, January 31, 2011

Short and Sweet

Oh Man I just watched that "Charlie Horse" video again and I lost it laughing, why do I think that is funny?
Did y'all have a good weekend??
Mine was busy but fun times! 
Let me tell you it doesn't take much to excite me so when I found out my dad had an Escalade rental car I was all over that! LOL(its the small things people)!
He drove my dirty, covered in salt, not Escalade Explorer while  I drove his rental!
Dont get to excited I went to Kroger, Target and Starbucks! 
It was a NICE car but I feel like when you can watch the gas line move to EMPTY has you drive that I don't need that!! 

We ate at the J. Alexanders and I just have to say its in my top 5 favorite restaurants! 
Its always so YUM! 

Saturday I had some friends over and we had out yearly Burn Party-let me explain before you think bad of us! You write all the bad habits of 2010 on piece of paper and burn them and then you write your goals of 2011 and tie it to a balloon and let it go! Its fun times but its always good to get everyone together and laugh, cry and chat with your girlfriends! It was a good time, so good that I didn't take any pictures!! 

Its gonna be a CRAZY WEEK at the office but that just means the week will go by fast!! 
Talk to ya tomorrow!! 

Let me leave you with my main man...
Oh my STARS I love him!!


Ashley said...Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Sweet baby boy!

The charlie horse video just kills me! Sooo funny!

Katie said...Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Two things.

1. J. Alexander's is definitely in my top five. Heck, it's my number one!

2. I'm so, so, so sad that I missed Saturday. Darn vacation! I'll be there next time I'm invited, for sure! :)

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