Saturday, May 14, 2011


Do you ever see things online and think "Oh I need to share this"?
Well I do and here are the things that I have wanted to share all wrapped up in one big post! 

Nothing drives me more bonkers when I see this! 

So I was thrilled to see that Hello Darlin did a whole post on how to make sure your email is set up correctly so people can respond to your comments!! 
Go check it out and if you arent sure if yours is set up right because lets be honest I want to reply to your comments!! 

Do you remember taking your SATs?
Were you nervous?
Honestly I remember taking them but I remember thinking I wasnt the least bit prepared! 
Well if you know someone that is about to take them you should send them to the StudyPoint website

Its such a great website and offers such great learning services!! 

I am sure you all remember the Nashville floods and how much I blogged about it! 
Well the people in Memphis now need our help and prayers! 

wrote a great post on how we can help! 
FYI I ordered this one :) and I love they are that vintage wash! 

Did yall see this! 
I think its funny because they are so similar!! 


Ben and Emily said...Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Loved that "royal" picture! Too funny!

I ordered the I heart Memphis shirt, just like the Nashville one last year! Hopefully, there wont be a I heart Knoxville one next year though!

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