Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Off the Wall...

This post is random and off the wall!
I dont have a lot to say today! 

I know you are all shocked by this! 

Does anyone use Tumblr?
I am intrigued?
I need to learn more about this because lets be honest I dont have enough to do as it is!! 

Do you remember this post?
Honestly I think its time to do away with these death traps!

Y'all dont forget to vote to Sarah-Jane!! 

Its the last week of voting and we will know the winner probably Friday night! 
This is a great opportunity for her and no one deserves it more then she does!!  
SO... head over to the SELF blogs here and read Sarah-Jane's post and then go vote here! I will say one of her post for today is my most favorite that she has written!! AND DONT FORGET YOU CAN VOTE MORE THAN ONE TIME!!! 

I am guilty of it!
I forget....
and then I see a post like this and my heart hurts again.
Please pray for this people and try to not forget...


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