Wednesday, June 1, 2011

This Isn't a Nice Neighborhood!

Weekend wrap up thats a few days late! 
Oh well we can win them all! 
Y'all my weekend was CRAZY and honestly you probably wouldnt believe me if I told you what happen but guess what I am gonna share anyways! 
First I have to say that I dont have any pictures and we all I know I LOVE me some pictures so I thought I would just throw in some randoms here in there! 

Back to my weekend...
I was off to see my Granny and pay my respect to my favorite soldier...
I lied I do have 2 pictures....
My Pap-Paw! 
Look how handsome he is! 

I went out to his grave thanked him for being an AMAZING Pap-Paw and for serving our country.
I cried...
I miss my Pap-Paw
I cry now just talking about it.

(Yes I blacked out his last name)

Ok now Sunday after church my Granny and I went catin' around (this is what my Dad used to say when we would go exploring).
We ended up over in Knoxville and we were gonna head back and Granny said "Lets go back the long way and I can show you how we used to have to go home from Knoxville" I bet now she wished she never said that! 

Now I am not going to give you the full play by play of what happen but let me tell you something it was all kinds of crazy! 

Just read fast I promise no one will get hurt! 

Driving down a busy road-
We see a lady who isnt walking right she is all over the place stumbling...
We pass her I look in my rear view mirror and to my surprise her tank top is pulled down REALLY low and her upper lady parts are out for the traffic to see! 
"Granny I think we should pull over and watch this lady- she isnt right"
We pull over.
She falls
Legs in the road! 
"Granny she is down for the count, what are we going to do"
I get a look from Granny that says WE arent doing anything! 
"AANNNDD she is up"
At this point there are 2 other cars that have pulled over to watch- a fellow watcher is now calling the police-
"NO drunk lady dont get in the car with those strange people"
Crazy is in the car with random people that have pulled up
"What are we going to do now"
Again I get the look
"That cant be good I doubt she knows them"
ANNND she is back out of the car at the red light in the intersection-they made her get out of the care
 and we have more stumbling and, talking to herself.
We have now crossed the road and the other lady that was watching has the crossed the road and is still on the phone with 911(let me say we never got of the car)
Crazy now makes her way towards us....
Let me add again that never in a million years would I put my Granny in harm! 
Ok well you can imagine she didnt get in the car with us.
I will say when I got a very close up view of her my heart broke...
sweating, super skinny, older, eyes glassed over white, teeth chattering, blisters all over her mouth...
Let me add she did not smell of alcohol so I now know she is strung out...

She is on the move again.
We Follow! 
I dont know why we follow but I just couldn't stand the thought of someone picking her up and doing God knows what to her! 
If you follow me on Twitter you know I have a past with picking people up from the side of the road! 
Anyways that was pointless information at this point! 

Ok back to crazy...
We are following....
"Beth, this isnt a nice neighborhood"
"Ok Granny we wont follower her much longer"
"Beth this really is not a nice neighborhood"! 
ANNNNDDD she is down...again
In a ladies yard...
Lady comes out yells at her
Crazy is now all the way down with her HEAD IN THE ROAD! 
"Beth this is a bad neighborhood and I DONT want to watch her get run over"
"Ok Granny"
I roll down my window yell at the home owner whats been going 
homeowner looks at us and looks away!
Not the least bit phased that there is a lady in the yard and that 2 people are yelling at you from the road?
She calls 911
Have I mentioned that we are now about an hour and a half into following crazy and TRYING to keep her safe ! 
AANNNDDD She is up-
Good thing since a big moving truck drove by..
"That could have been bad"
"Yes, Yes it could have...this is not a nice neighborhood I dont think we should be here"

Crazy is on the move again...
She falls on a Honda...
Lays there for a minute and she is on the move...again
She finds a bottled water and a  long sleeve shirt ...
She falls again...

We loose her for a minute! 
Let me add that she is probably walked about a mile in a half which means Granny and I have now been driving back in forth on the same street for an hour and a half- No we dont stick out at all! 

While looking for her in a neighborhood that was a little sketchy someone honks at us and now Grannys car is a convertablee because we both jumped a mile! 
"Ok Granny"
"Granny,There she is"

We drive
The guy who honked is now following us and crazy is on the move...again
"Look Granny there is a fire station I am going to pull in and I am going to knock on the door  tell them and hopefully loose the guy that honked"
" Ok Beth but this is a BAD neighborhood"

Run to the door of firehouse, ring the bell....
Door cracks open...
Fireman said something funny but I feel I shouldnt write it on here....
He tells me NO ONE rings the bell here...
He looks at me and then proceeds to yell "Granny lock the car doors and roll up the window"
He yells
I jump
He says "this is a really bad neighborhood" 
By the way did I mention that the fireman is handomse oh so very HANDSOME?
He looks at me like I am crazy when I am telling him about crazy lady! 

They follow us in the big fire truck and there is crazy...
Disheveled, stumbling, wet pants (told you I would leave out some of the details)...
She tries to act cool by throwing her little baggie of something white onto the street! 
And she is no longer my worry! 
"Granny this neighborhood is awful we need to leave"

I make none of this up! 
It honestly was insaneness!!!! 
We later found out what was wrong with her but again I dont think I should share! 
It truely was so very sad to see a lady in that situation and act that way! 
It was sad so very very sad!
I will tell you it was intense in the moment but now I laugh because I just cant believe we followed her as long as we did...

Love you Granny and the memories we made that day....

And I think I forgot to mention the fireman was Hot....


Jenny said...Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

OH MY!!!!!! Happy you lived to tell the tale :D

Valene Marie said...Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

WOW! Now, that's a story! Glad you both made it out of there. But I feel left hanging not knowing what was going on with her... it's like having the whole story, but missing the ending.

Laura said...Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Did that "crazy lady" story happen in Knoxville? My brother is a firefighter but he was working at headquarters in downtown this weekend. They are some hotties on KFD. Im glad they were able to get help for that lady. Thats so sad.

The Ramblings of a Thirtysomething Wife said...Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Holy moly, that is a crazy day! I hope the lady is okay now.

Erin said...Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Haha :) This story made me laugh...just because of how you tell it! I feel so bad for that lady and you were sweet to make sure she was okay and got help, but you are just too funny :)

Christal said...Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

I don't know how I am just now reading this post!! Woah!!!! "Adventures of a Granny & a Beth!"

Ashley said...Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Oh goodness, I have read this post several times and laughed so hard every time!

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