Saturday, August 6, 2011

Weekend Wrap Up...

Holy Smokes its safe to say that tax free weekend is a GOOD way to get people to shop! 
Including myself! 
I mean I just beyond got carried away on Saturday BUT its safe to say I saved some major buckage and used coupons at every store I went to! 
I even Haggled at Belks and It worked!!
LOL I think she was so shocked and honestly a little scared that I was haggling but I did get $10 and an $80 pair of shores for $30- my theory is it never hurts to ask :)
I am proud! 
I also got 2 suits at the GAP for close to nothing- I high fived the sales clerk (again scared him I think)! 
I racked up at the GAP outlet and so did this angel face....
I mean honestly people is he not the sweetest thing you have EVER LAID YOUR eyes on?
I did some big time shopping for him today too! 
Its a good thing he likes the GAP

Why doesn't my kitchen look like this?
I am jealous of this kitchen?
Big Sigh....

Ok this is just random but I had to share! 
10 miles from my house a 14 year old girl was almost kidnapped.
She was standing between her 2 friends car and a man came up with a knife and told her to get in his truck.
One of the girls in the car drove away and I am not sure what the other girl in the car did.
He got the 14 year old girl in his truck and as he ran around to get in the drivers side she jumped out and started screaming and he drove away.
Thank God  she was brave enough to jump out. 
It TRULY TRULY TRULY makes me sick to think about. 
My mom and I went up to the shopping center where this happen tonight and it defiantly was not half as crowded as it usually is! 
I am telling you times are scary and I hope that everyone is always super aware when you are walking thru a parking lot after dark! 

Last thing for my weekend wrap up post! 
Have you seen this commercial?

Let me tell you something it pulls at my heart strings every time I watch! 
I can't handle hearing that baby cough!!
Who ever came up with it was a genius because I donated after I saw this the first time! 

Oh yeah one more thing,
Thank you to all of you that wished me luck on my new job adventure! 
I truly appreciate it! 


Life With Lauren said...Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Wow well good luck on your job ! He is adorable. That is so scary about the little girl there are some sick people out there so glad she was brave enough to run. It is so sad to think that people have to worry about these things no matter where you are.

The Sweet Life said...Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Tax free weekend is always such a success. Unfortunately, I didn't do any shopping this weekend, but I did make a stop by the apple store to get my phone fixed and it was a mess. So.many.people. That video is the saddest thing I've ever heard. Donating now. Happy Sunday!

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