Friday, October 28, 2011

Loopy Friday

Happy Friday Y'all! 
My insomnia was in rare form last night so if this post seems a little loopy well its because  I am little Loopy today! 

I was WIDE awake at 3am so much so that I worked on the tree skirt, empty the dishwasher, folded towels and then got back in bed and played on the iPad!
In my state of wide awake sleepiness I became weak and ALMOST scheduled a cleaning session with Molly Maids!
Look let me be perfectly honest here! 
I have an issue with keeping my house clean but last night well the wee hours of this morning I came to the realization that its not the cleanliness that gets me its my very own control issues!
I like to be the one to clean iron empty the dishwasher fold my clothes do the laundry vacuum clean my car... because then I know it is done the way I want it done and the way I like it done!! 
Is this an issue???? I kinda think it might be! 

You see my lovely little brother whom I love dearly is so darn laid back and I kinda wish that I was the same way! 
I have a theory it is because he is the baby of the family but  I could be wrong! 
(yes he still has the beard and I dont think Zoe likes it either!)

Speaking of my little bro his best buddy got married last weekend so I wanted to give them a shout! 
Congrats Kyle and Lauren! 

Remember this post - that is his HUGE Red Truck! 

Its Finally the WEEKEND (almost) and I couldnt be more happy about it! 


Live*Laugh*Love said...Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

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emenchho said...Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

The laid back thing is definitely a "baby of the family" sister and cousin are both the babies of the families and they are certainly laid back compared to the rest of us! It's us "eldest" sibs (and sometimes the middle child trying to outdo the oldest) that often are the most OCD and perfectionist types. haha

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