Sunday, October 23, 2011

Weekend Wrap Up...

How is it already Sunday night again????
I mean to tell you that life is on Fast Forward right now! 
Did y'all have a good weekend?
I headed East to go to my Granny's churches Smoky Mountains breakfast! 
We were up before the sun, car packed, seat heaters on and away we went! 
In my old age I have aquried a fear of deer - more of a fear of hitting deer with my car! 
Well you can imagine...
Darkness, Deer Season, Being in the Mountains ='s me going no faster then 35 mph the whole way! 

Let me rewind for a minute! 
The night before we Skyped with big brother and the little man! 
It was so fun! 
We got to see play time, dinner time and bath time! 
My poor brother was handling the little man, cooking, bathing all while carrying the computer and listening to me and Granny squeal and baby talk with T Man!

I think we was happy to have us join him for dinner

Showing off his muscles! 

Bath Time! 

Ok back to the Breakfast! 
The Breakfast is a tradition and I know that my Pap-Paw was looking down and smiling at all the fun that was being had! 
I wish he could have been there
Here are a few pic's...

It was Nippy! 

My Precious Granny! 

Good Coffee....

Lots of Cooking...

Serious Conversation! 

The leaves were AMAZING! 

 I love the Browns! 

Such a fun time and I can't wait till next year! 

Ok so here is my next project...

A ruffled Christmas Tree Skirt!
I so hope mine turns out as cute as this one! 
I have already had to get the neighbor involved with helping me with the base- I just wasn't getting but no fear she figured it out and I am now onto the next step! 
I swear when I get this done I just might have to put my tree up! 
I mean I won't turn the lights on till after Halloween...Maybe! 


SSS said...Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

The breakfast sounds adorable. I'm pretty sure that I just want to hurry up and be in my 60s so I can sit around and chit-chat and go to church breakfasts. That gentleman in his UTsuit is adorable, too.

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