Monday, November 14, 2011

Monday, Monday

Happy Monday Morning Bloggy Friends! 
Did y'all have a good weekend?
Why is it that I feel like Friday afternoon was just a few minutes ago?
This Weekend FLEW by! 
Friday night I left the office and headed straight to Christmas Village! 
I met Jayne there and we just walked around and took in all the Christmas fun! 
It was funny because we would start a conversation and then something would catch our eye and we would become distracted! We had like 4 different conversations going at once! 
I love my sweet friend Jayne and our little Christmas Village visits are becoming a tradition! 

Saturday morning I was up with the birds and off to the gym, home to clean and then I was off to the GAP outlet for Friends and Family! 
I picked up Mom and let me tell you half of Nashville decided to go to Friends and Family with us! 
It was packed there! 
Mom and I probably picked up everything in that store at least once but maybe twice!
We got some BIG TIME deals and lets be honest Tristan could be a little GAP model after all the loot we picked up for him!
Speaking of the little angel he got himself a new hat for his trip to Nashville!! 
Seriously he is the most precious boy ever!! 

Saturday was my Dad's birthday!! 
We surprised him with dinner and tickets to the Predators game! 
I so wish that I was taping him while we surprised him because he jumped a mile and it was priceless!! 
We went to Chuy's which is quickly becoming my all time favorite Mexican food!
Then off to the Preds game we went! 
Gnash must have known that it was Dad's birthday because he came and found Dad for a picture :)

Yesterday I couldn't take it anymore and I broke out the Christmas music and all my Red and Green Totes! 
I was in FULL Christmas decorating mode! 
Here is a sample picture that of course it sideways, why does the iPhone do that?????

Do you ever see a quote and it  is kind of scary because it is EXACTLY what you need to hear in that EXACT moment! 
Yeah well that happen to me with this quote below so I wanted to share....

So I have more pictures for this post but they are all sideways so hopefully I can fix them and I will post them.... 


jessica said...Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

i cant stand it anymore, im probably gonna break out all my christmas decor this week!

i just love christmas time!!

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