Monday, November 21, 2011


Good Monday Morning To You....
This is the weather in Nashville this morning AGAIN! 

I have a cough that sounds like some sort of barking zoo animal
My voice sounds like I have been smoking since day one! 
My nose is running 
I cant swallow 
AND I didnt sleep last night! 
I blame the weather - its 32 degrees one day and then next its sunny and 70!
I get this mess every year and I hate it every year and I complain about it EVERY YEAR! 
Ok I am done with that for now! 

How was everyone's weekend?
Mine was nice and long! I had a 4 day weekend - Love those! 
I didn't work Thursday and Friday! 
I had doctors appointments both days and ran errands and made a trip to Granny's to help get her tree up! 
Of course it is sideways and that drives me nuts!  I need to start remembering to turn my phone!! 

I am almost done decorating myself! 
I have to do the outside and my dining room table! 
I will do one big Christmas decorating post once everything is done! 
Let me give a little shout out to to Trapp Candles real fast...
I bought the Trapp White Fir candle at Christmas Village and I LOVE it my whole house smells of Christmas and it is fantastic! If I could I would buy all of you one because it is that good!! LOVE IT! 

I am 98% done Christmas shopping!!! 
Now bring on the wrapping! 
I have to say I have done good this year with NOT over spending! 
You see no one needs a darn thing so I bought everyone one thing this year - if you know me this is a HUGE accomplishment! 

Ok off to get busy this Monday morning! 
On a positive note if you cough alot at work people will steer clear of your desk :) 


Neely said...Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Our weather here in Dallas is very up and down too. Making my allergies terrible!!! Hope you get some rest today!

Makay said...Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Aw! Yuck! No fun... down here in NC it is pretty hot- which is weird considering it is nearly December.

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