Saturday, November 26, 2011

This post is long with a lot of Pictures!

What day is it?
I am so thrown off on what day it is, what time it is...
Y'all last night I went to bed at 8pm!!!!  For a quick minute I thought maybe I was getting to old for Black Friday but I chalked it up to not sleeping good the night before! 
I love me some Black Friday!!
On Thrusday I settled in on Mom's couch with the Black Friday ads and the looking begins....
and NOTHING! There wasn't one thing that I saw that I thought I needed to stand in line for! 
I grudgingly decided there will be no 2011 Black Friday for me....
THEN the phone rings and its the neighbor...
She is going Black Friday shopping for a TV and I am going with her!!! 
YAY BLACK FRIDAY 2011 will happen after all! 

We went to Wal-Mart - I have never done Black Friday Wal-Mart style and let me tell you some thing that is a whole other ball game there! 
There was pushing, cussing, yelling....
We saw a small altercation in the kitchen supply aisle! 
I saw the neighbor get scrappy and I myself got a little fired up over a TV that wasn't even for me!
It was just good ole' Black Friday fun! 
We did hit up Target and Old Navy after as well! 

Here are a few pictures...

Just a little crowded...

This is what the car looked like right before we unloaded! 

I saw a lady at Wal-Mart that broke out her finest Bud Light pants to do her Black Friday Shopping in!! 

Lets rewind a little...
I hope everyone had a FANTASTIC Thanksgiving! 
I had a great day of Family Time and Yummy Food! 
The only thing missing were these 3 fine people...

The little man had his first experience with the ER on Thanksgiving! 
He fell and hit the fireplace and hit his head :(
He is ok but man I can't imagine!!!
In just a few short days they WILL BE HERE!!! 

Back to Thanksgiving! 
My Mom and Granny always do it up right and it was just as yummy this year as it was last...

These rolls are the BEST! 

The WORLDS best stuffing! 

The spread and my Uncle Johnny's hand! 

Here is little Miss on Thanksgiving day...

Ok I am off to clean this house today! 
It looks like a bomb when off in my office!

Also it Small Business Saturday! 
So I am going to go partake in helping the small businesses in my community and then I will be off to find the local cupcake truck!! 
Love me some Dixie Belle's Cupcakes! 

One last thing PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE go here and "LIKE" my brothers picture for this Bass Pro Shop contest he is doing! We would much appreciate it! 
I have decided that if I help him win this thing with your help He HAS to shave his beard!! 
My family thanks you and we want our beardless Ryan back!! 

With Beard 

No Beard!

See what I mean!!! PLEASE GO LIKE THE PICURE :) 


Rebecca @ Unexplained X2 said...Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

i will never do black friday, but that does look like quite a haul.

sorry about the ER, but it does happen. head wounds are the worst!

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