Thursday, December 29, 2011


Well Kids I took an unintentional Blogging break! 
I had presents to open, a baby that needed to be played with, family to visit with and a life to live! 
I will admit that I have close to 1000 pictures from the last week! 
Ready here they all are...

But don't think I won't be blogging Christmas pictures to Easter! 
Lets be honest I have close to 1000 picture of a little man named Tristan! 
No pictures of decorations, the loot, Christmas goodies just pictures of the cutest blonde haired baby boy I have ever seen! 

It was such a great Christmas and I hope that you guys had a great one! 
I am so behind on blogging and I can't even imagine what the number on my Reader is but I will conquer it! 

Of Course I am going to leave you with some pictures today and my regular RANDOM posting will be back tomorrow....

We explored...

We talked... 

We cuddled....

I love my family and I am so Thankful for them! 

The ladies and a very precious little man! 

I introduced my Mom to my new boyfriend :) 


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