Monday, January 30, 2012


Good Monday Morning! 
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It is the last full week before the big event here at work and my To Do list has a mind of its own! 
SparkleSource Media is on a roll as well! 
SparkleSource Media

To say that I am busy would not be a lie! 
I also have other big things going on in my personal life as well! 
More on that later! 

I headed East for the weekend to visit with my Granny! 
We hung out - ate breakfast at MiMi's cafe (one of my fave's), shopped, we carried out her Christmas decor(we had a dog poo situation it was serious for a minute) to the barn, we looked at Southern Living magazines, we shopped for her new bathroom, we went to Hammers, we cleaned out her closest (I have a whole post with pictures coming about this) but look what I found.... CLUTCH HEAVEN! 

I couldnt believe it but it was so exciting! 

Ok Kids I am off to tackle this list! 

Oh Yeah my winning Red Carpet look from the Sag Awards last night is....
Dianna Argons dress I loved! 
Best Dressed at 2012 SAG Awards

and of course love Guiliana Rancic! 

I had 2 fave couples of the night 
George and Stacy of course! 
george clooney 2012 sags 01

                      John Krasinski and Emily Blunt

emily blunt sag awards john krasinski 03

Whaa Whaaa - my least fave of the night was Shailene Woodley
shailene woodley 2012 sag awards 03

Least fave couple! 
She looks a little like skeletor here! 
angelina jolie sag awards 2012 02


Ashley @ The Sweet Life said...Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Shew, I haven't been to a Hammer's in years! I loved going there as a teen.

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