Friday, February 3, 2012

Friday Fun....

Crazy times right now! 
So many things going  on at home and at the office that its NUTS! 
But I am loving every single second of it! 
This post is going to be bits and pieces that are running thru my mind right now ! 
Hope you can keep up....

To my favorite Uncle EVER! 
Happy Birthday Johnny!! Love you! 

What do you think of these colors for paint colors?

I want these....
DIY ruffle curtains

A couple of weeks ago we had girls night and we all showed up with Uggs on and carrying our camelbak bottles! 
We had to get a pictures! 
Love these girls so much! 

Its Superbowl Weekend! 
I am rooting for Eli Manning! 
Go Giants! 

This nut case...
Filed the papers to run for President!
I refuse to even type her name on this blog!
Talk about making a mockery of our country! 

I made the perfect brownies last night! 
  I was stress baking - dont ask! 
But I will be sharing soon! 
My granny gave me this pan and I am telling you it makes the worlds best shaped brownies! 

My Mom gave me these for Christmas and I Love them! 

West Elm is quickly becoming my favorite store EVER! 

Does anyone else think it is weird that we arent having a winter?

Ok thats all my weirdness for this morning! 



Monica said...Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

I stress baked brownies last night too! haha

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