Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Weekend Wrap Up...

Is it Monday, Sunday???
I am so confused on what day it is! 
I big time overslept this morning - which lead me to come to work with wet hair! 
I did see a guy trip when he was crossing the street on my way to work and that was fun! 

Did ya'll have a good long weekend???
I was in full cleaning, Garage Sale, packing and moving mode! 
I am trying very hard to not become overwhelmed with this move! 
My number one goal is to DOWN SIZE- so there are going to be some good deals happening on the Nashville Craigslist site! 

I actually got a TON done which is good! 

I have been known to become a little obsessed when it comes to shopping! 
 I see something that I like and then I contemplate weather I need it or just really want it! 
Well I played this game all weekend over a dutch oven ( I blame the Pioneer Woman because she has the best Dutch Ovens)!  Last Night I went got it and I LOVE it! 
I couldn't decide which color to go with but ended on the red because my Kitchen Aid is Red! 
I cant wait to use it! 

I am considering buying this paint...

My neighbor uses it alot and I just love the look of it! 
But Gosh darn its expensive! 
Have y'all used this paint before?

And I must end with  pictures of my FAVORITE little man! 


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