Monday, March 12, 2012

Happy Birthday Granny..

I have to start my post off  by saying HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my Sweet Granny! 
happy birthday flag cake

Happy Birthday Granny I Love you so much and I hope you have a great day!!! 

Wow what a CRAZY couple of days it has been! 
Lets rewind to Thursday morning! 
My little brother calls me at work all upset and said that he had talked to Granny and she wasnt herself and sounded very sick and that he was on his way to her house (its 2 and a half hours from Nashville)! 
I call her and that was that I am leaving the office and hitting the road. 
I got there in an hour and forty five minutes! 
I sent over her best to friend to be there, sent an ambulance and called her personal doctor! 
Ryan and I got there minutes from each other and off to the ER we went! 
A few years ago she had a foot of her colon removed so anytime she gets any kind of stomach issues its bad news. She was REALLY dehydrated so we got some meds and fluids and home we went! 
Neither Ryan or I had any clothes with us - I had my purse and phone and that was it! 
I slept in some of Grannys PJs and Ryan well did the same - I swore to him I wouldn't post the picture of him in Grannys sweatsuit but maybe one day it will make an appearance! 
She is feeling much better and in Nashville to celebrate her Birthday! 

I spent the rest of my weekend.... you guessed it packing, garage saling and shuffling my junk! 
I am telling you it is overwhelming! 
Ask the neighbor she has been in my house and I promise she will agree!
I can honestly say that I am not having this Sale to make money but to get rid of this mess!
I cant even tell you how many trips I made down two flights of stairs with craft stuff, school stuff, books, dvds.... 
Oh goodness I cant wait to get moved and settled! 
Here is what my craft room looked like...

And tomorrow I will show you what it looks like now! 
Happy Monday and Happy Birthday Granny! 


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