Wednesday, April 4, 2012


Hi Friends - Happy Tuesday or really Good Wednesday morning! 
I am still up BUT don't feel sorry for me because this afternoon I was fighting back the yawns like no ones business so I just laid down for a quick nap! 4 and a half hours later I woke up! Oh my stars I will be up all night! 
Its been a busy day! 
I had my Vanderbilt Volunteer meeting this morning and found out ALL the shots I have to get by Monday to start my work in the ER! 
 I am excited about it but the ER is a whole new ballgame in the volunteer world! 
I just keep thinking that I am there to help and that is what I will do! 
Then I went to lunch with my Mom and Granny! 
Then I took and ALL DAY nap!
Then I was off to the old house to turn in the keys and garage door openers. 
It was bittersweet for sure! 
I love that little house and there are SO MANY memories there and I am going to totally miss my neighbors! 

But I am excited to make new memories in my new house! 
Today I have thought to myself many times "Do I really own this house?" "Is it really mine?"
Its so surreal but I am SO grateful for where I am in life! 

So yseterday I showed you a little of the inside so tonight here are a few outdoor pictures! 
Not sure why I waited at night to take pictures?

I love the big porch and yes those column things are going to be replaced! 

I love the big yard with the huge old trees! 

YUP we are in the south so the rockers are a MUST! 

So I completed my first Pinterest project...

I love how it turned out and the color it added in the hall! 


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