Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Nighty Gown Night Shirt

Top of the morning to you! 
I slept last night like you wouldn't believe! 
I admit that my ugly sleeping issues have taken a turn for the worst since I moved into this house! I hear all the settling noises, the fridge.... so needless to say I am up and down all night! 
BUT not last night, man I was down for the count! 

This post is gonna be random for sure! Surely you didnt expect anything different did you?

So my Mom and I went to check out the new Opry Mills on Saturday (us and 10,000 of other closest Nashville friends) and to say we say it all would be an understatement! 
I only snapped pictures of 2 - Mom gets embarrassed when Im running around snapping pictures through the mall :) 

Check out this lady here in her little nighty gown night shirt, in the mall...

This isnt a good picture but ole'gal was wearing her naughty nighty out in public!!
I about died! 

Check this girls choice of shoes for her day out...

Anyways she is wearing her house shoes.
But the real question is does the floral top go with the argyle house shoes.
I just dont get it! 

We ended the day with the best lunch ever! 
Chips, salsa, guacamole and diet coke! 

Are you wondering who I like on Dancing with the Stars??
William Levy FOR SURE! 
Dude is just plain handsome!! 

My second favorite is Katherine Jenkins...

Do y'all read MckMama's  My Charming Kids blog?
She has been talking about the Xyngular products and how they are working for her!
Has anyone ever tried them???
I am considering order the Ignite kit! 


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