Monday, April 23, 2012

So MANY Projects!

Its Monday...
If you follow me on Twitter then you know I worked all weekend! 
Its a good thing I dont have to do that often because this morning I was feeling my one day weekend.
This morning I woke up when the alarm went off and I drug myself to the bathroom and turned on the radio my normal routine and I noticed that it was still dark outside "what time is it?"
Yeah it was 4:45am
I got a new alarm clock and apparently I set it wrong.
I had a quick thought to go to the gym but nope I went back to bed - which lead me to over sleep!

I didnt get a lot done this weekend on the house! 
I got a few more pictures hung....
My brother mowed the yard....
I Cleaned some...
Thats about all!

There are so many things from Pinterest that I want to do but its so darn overwhelming that I dont know where to start!
Here are a few ideas that I already have the materials for but I just have to find the time to do them! 

I am painting my pantry door this color
Love these light fixtures. They belong in a studio.

I want my linen closet to look just like this!
I got the towel racks and the baskets
Linen closet for guest bath

I am painting a wall like this in my bathroom!
I am nervous about this one but once I get the tape I think it will be smooth sailing! 

I started making this this weekend
For the front porch... would be a nice housewarming gift with a pretty plant.

I did this in my kitchen...

I already have these 2 things...
I like this!

so pretty.

I made this too this weekend with this weekend and I am going to put it in my office! 
I love this idea.  This family is on their fifth home.  So, they have 5 of these hanging in their stairwell.

I want this whole thing somewhere in my house! 

I wont STOP till I have all these projects done!!
Pictures to come :) 
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