Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Happy Monday oh wait what day is it?
Its 9am and I have convinced myself its Monday! 
BUT its the best feeling in the world to realize its Tuesday :) 
Lets be honest I am sleep deprived today - I hate insomnia! 

But since I couldnt sleep I decorated my house for Christmas in my head! 
Is that weird???

Did everyone have a nice LONNNGGG weekend??
I am happy to admit that my car diagnoses was WRONG! Still had a few minor things done but it wasn't the big ordeal that I thought it would be! I am happy to admit that I was wrong on this one!

My weekend was not what I planned! 
I did a little flower planting, a little pool time, none of the house projects that I wanted,  A little trip to Emergency Room and a lot of napping. 
I wont get into a lot of the boring details of my trip to the ER but let me tell you Bad Dehydration, Migraine, Cramps and sunburn are not a good mix at all!  

SO onto paint!
I am having a gray paint dilemma! 
I wish you could see my room - the walls look like a big gray patch work quilt! 
Every single paint sample I try looks either blue or purple and it is making me CRAZY! 

First up was the mindful grey
Nope mine looks as blue as blue can be! 

Next up was...
Comfort Grey! 
Nope again it was blue!!!!!!!!

So everyone on the web swore that Repose Grey was the best grey around !
Everyone on the web needs to come to my house and see the best grey around! ITS PURPLE!!! 

So on my way home I am stopping to get Benjamin Moore Coventry Grey and Cape May Cobblestone and try these! 

I am quickly loosing hope with this! 
Why does there have to be so many shades of Grey (So many things I could say here... I Miss Christian Grey in my life)! 
Any help with Grey paint would be much appreciated! 


Anonymous said...Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

I can feel your pain on the gray paint! I spent months looking for the perfect gray for my kitchen; I am certain I purchased at least 25 samples. I tried every gray suggested on the internet & they were ALL blue in my house. I finally ended up with Sherwin Williams Functional Gray in my kitchen & Sherwin Williams Amazing Gray in my bathroom...and LOVE both!! They look slightly brown on the sample, but are the perfect shade of gray on my walls.

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