Friday, May 4, 2012

Happy Friday to You

Happy Friday to You
Happy Friday to You
We made it to another weekend!
Happy Friday to You
 (It kinda annoys me that I just wrote that out so it will probably annoy you to read it)

Its gonna be a BUSY weekend!
Do y'all have big plans???

Let the Random thoughts begin! 

Its of course insanely busy at work but can you believe I am already planning the Holiday party! 
I am crossing my fingers to have it at the Hermitage hotel...
Love it and it will be AMAZING with the Holiday Decor!

I was also looking at the Fontanel (Barbra Mandrels old house, mansion, whatever you want to call it) but it is booked for December already! 

Look how big this handsome fella looks! 
I just want to hug him and shower him with kisses! 
I mean what if I got in my car after work,  drove to Charleston and love on that little man and be back Sunday? Would that be dumb??

I saw this on Pinterest and I liked it and wanted to share....
Nice reminder, like the color and LO

I want a yard full of Hydrangeas
Dream home! Love the garage the colors and the hydranges

I have decided to paint the rest of my house! 
I am going to take it room by room of course! 
But my next job is going to be the den and kitchen and I am going to go with...
Gray paint colors

Perfect Greige by Sherwin Williams! 
I love the brown tone to it and I think that it will go great with my Heather Gray couch! 
YAY and I love the Sherwin Williams has coupons and sales! 

I want my brother to make me this! 
I will paint it with polka dots 

Last thing! 
I know this guy...
We used to work together! 
Let me say it now he is DREAMY! 
He is beyond HOT and he is a nice guy! 
He is going to be on the Bachelorette!

There you have it that Is what is on my mind this cloudy friday morning! 
Do you want me to sing my Friday song again????
Im in a weird mood this morning can you tell??


Diana T said...Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

I LOVE The Bachelorette! How cool to actually know a potential. Can't wait for it to start myself. LOVE those hydrangeas and the drive they are lining!

Melissa said...Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

I love hydrangeas, too! My grandmother had a huge bush of them outside her house and they always make me think of her! We are using them as our wedding flowers, too!

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