Friday, May 25, 2012


Good Friday morning to you! 
friday friday friday!

Its bright and early and sunny and Hot, perfect pool weather to me! 
Pool pool pool
I am not in the office this morning but setting up office at the car place. 
Dont be jealous! 
I have to get the good ole transmission looked at :( THANK GOODNESS for a warrenty! 
You see I am a self diagnoser so I am 99% sure its my transmission!
I self diagnose when I am sick and honestly I am usually correct! 
So I have self diagnosed by car issues (thank goodness for Google)  as well - my car guy just rolls his eyes.
So I wait and see if I am right -I feel it takes some of the sting out of how much money I owe when its all over!  

I found out last night that there is an actual Christian Grey at Baptist hospital here in Nashville! 
Can you imagine?
I bet he never DREAMED his name would make all women swoon! 

My coffee addiction is is getting better because I have been falling in love with Soy Latte's! 

I am thinking about removing Dairy from diet??
I always feel sluggish after eating anything dairy but MAN I will miss my cheese! 

Have I shared with you I am growing my hair out??
I have had a BOB like haircut for awhile now and it is just time to grow it out! 
Me and Biotin have become close friends! 
I love this look and cant wait to sport it...
elegant side bun

 I am making this this weekend for my spare room! 
fabric leaves on canvas...

I bought this...
for my basement! 
My basement is not my favorite part of my house BUT I appreciate the storage. 
I have CONVINCED myself there are bugs down there so just in case I am going to FOG them! 
Hopefully I can figure out how to use this thing! 
I really feel like I need to kill all the bugs that I dont see down there :) 

Ok Friends have a great and SAFE Memorial Day weekend! 
See ya or rather Talk to you Monday! 


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