Tuesday, June 12, 2012

30 and some Extra Change!

I saw this over at Caroline's blog and I thought I am a tad older then 30 (NOT BY MUCH) but I liked it and wanted to share! 

Here is the link to the original article but its basically an article about 

10 Things Every Woman Should Have by the Time She's 30

Lets see where I stand with this....

1. A decent piece of furniture not previously owned by a friend or family member.  
Done! I have a house full of furniture that I bought! 

2. A small circle of friends you can trust with anything.   
DONE! I love my girls and not sure where I would be without them! 

I couldn't find a picture with all of us so I had to throw up 2! 

3. The knowledge of whether you want to have children or not.   
Done! I want as many as GOD will give me! 
I also will be adopting :) 

4. Something impractical and expensive that you bought for yourself just because you wanted it.
2 Words ...
Louis Vuitton

5. A great resume.   
Maybe! Mine is pretty old and really needs to be updated.
I am lucky enough to have had only 2 jobs since college

6. A daily routine for your beauty needs.   
Done! I have been doing the same the thing for years! 
Rarely do I venture off to find new products! 
I stick to what works when it comes to this! 

7. An exercise plan that you stick to for fitness, health, and long-term maintenance.   
Done! Again I dont venture out here but I have been trying some new classes. They make me nervous but I need to man up :) 

8. One stamp in your passport.   

9. A past filled with juicy stories to tell in your old age.   
Um.... Maybe! 
My job in college provided more then enough juicy stories! 

10. Control of your finances and a savings account you add money to each month.   
Done but it has taken me all 30 Years to get this one done! 
My Pap-Paw would be proud! 

I think I am ready to be 30....AGAIN! 


Caroline said...Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Love that bag! Awesome post!

Jenny said...Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Love this post! I am 28 so I best be getting to work on some of these. Need to get 1,4, and 10 down but it might be hard to get 10 going if i'm buying furniture and something expensive (i'd pick a LV bag too).

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