Friday, June 1, 2012


Friday, friday, friday!!

Its Friday and I am having to remind myself that it was a short week!
My eyes are heavy this morning! 
My power went out last night around 11:30 so I went on to bed and I tossed and turned all night because I thought I was going to over sleep! Its official I have major sleep issues! 
Anyways it came back on around 4am and my phone started beeping and carrying on - it was ridiculous! 
So I say all that to say I am been up since 4am! 

What your plans for the weekend????

Its going to be low humidity in good ole NashVegas this weekend so I will pine strawing it up and doing as much yard work as I can I would love to get that finished up this weekend!! 
And the search for the perfect grey paint will continue! 

I want these glasses so bad but I refuse to pay $39 for them! 

Southern Living Set of 4 Tea Glasses

My next big project is going to be front porch columns! 
This is what I have....

 and this is what I want them to look like! 

Anyone local know someone that can build columns?? 

Ok I leave you with this precious man....


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