Monday, July 2, 2012

Weekend in Pictures!

Its been a HOT one in NashVegas but I hate complaining about it because the pictures of Colorado are SO sad! 
I have a busy week planned (pretty sure I say that every week)! 
Did y'all have a good weekend???

Here is my weekend in pictures....

Nothing better then a fresh cut and color! 
I swear my hair girl is the BEST in Nashville! 
Love her! 

On Saturday I went to Home Depot with Ryan to get the stuff I needed to paint my trim (Which by the way was not cheap).
When we were leaving there was a helicopter hovering over the parking lot and it was freaking me out!! 
It was so darn low- I really thought it was going to land in the parking lot! 

I got some really cheap gas thanks to my Kroger points! 

I saw this on Facebook....
I know that is a shady van but is that true???

Here is an update on my little brothers screened in porch...
You can see the first set of pictures here

He found a little friend in all the working! 
EEKKKK This thing was GROSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!


emily said...Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Where do you go to get your hair did?

I heard that helicopter was for tree triming (to see where they need it). Not sure but it was weird seeing it so close!

Your brother's porch looks great.

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