Friday, August 31, 2012


Happy Friday!

We are starting a LONG weekend, YAY!! 
Hell or High Water I am going to finish painting this weekend!
I have the hall, guest room and base boards to do that I want to finish this weekend.
Then all the painting I will have left it Dining Room and then I will be DONE painting! 
My next big project will be the kitchen - excited about this but its going to be expensive!! 

This week has gone by fast. 
It could be because I took a quick trip to...
Austin, Texas! 
It was a work trip and I went with my boss and her boss! 
It was a short but fun trip! 
So short that I was told that we wouldnt be checking our luggage! 
I am an over packer in the biggest way! 
There is no way that I could get everything I need in such a small bag! 
And then I realized that since we weren't checking bags I could only take 3 ounces liquid toiletries on the plane! 

I am proud to admit that I got everything in my little suitcase and got all my toiletries down to 3 ounces! 

Seriously you have no idea how proud I am of this challenge :) 

I hope that  I dont regret asking this but has anyone been watching the...

I have been and I have loved every second of it! 
To me this has been more exciting then the Olympics! 
I think the energy of the whole thing is just what the American people need! 
I love the feeling of patriotism of the whole thing - which ever way you vote be proud of your country and be loyal to the patriotism! 

I like these two guys...

I feel they are a good team! 
One being a very smart business mad and that is what this country needs and the other a cultural builder and again something else we need as a country! 
Its an exciting time for a country! 
I am proud to say I am Republican. 

Ok I will move on past politics to wish everyone a good and SAFE long holiday! 

One last thing! 
You know how important my friends are to me! 
And I wanted to give a shout to my friends Crystal...
She lost her Grandfather this past week and I wanted to ask everyone to pray for her and her sweet Grandmother! 


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