Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Kinda of Long...

Its Tuesday and Monday was just a busy blur! 
While most are gearing down for the holidays my job is the complete opposite! 
I have 3 HUGE events coming up in the next few months that is going to take ALL my time up!
Its busy times for this gal! 

I have to share my love for Starbucks! 
This morning I got my coffee took a sip and thought "Man that is so good" went to take another sip and dropped the cup the whole darn cup of goodness spilled. There were tears....
BUT my good ole Starbucks made me a new one for free and all is well in my world again! 

Look who made his entrance into the world! 
I happy to introduce you to Baby Clay! 
My sweet friend Christal and her husband welcomed this baby boy into the world and he is just YUMMY!
Look at the sweet face!!!!!!!!

Its 45 days to my favorite holiday! 

I have already decided that I am not going to look at all the pre-sale websites this year! 
I am going to be patient and wait till Thanksgiving morning! 

This is going on this week! 
Which I of course am excited about!

And I have two birthday shout outs today! 
Today is my besties birthday! 
Happy Birthday Sweet Steph! 
I love ya and I hope you have a FABULOUS birthday!!!!

Then Tomorrow is this angel faces birthday! 

How oh how is he 2 years old???
How has it been 2 years since I took this picture...

I love this kid more then anyone knows! 
He is perfect and I am proud to be his Aunt! 
Your Aunt Beth Loves you so MUCH! 

I have to end by saying I am doing a dark day tomorrow on my blog. 
I am sure most everyone has heard that Julee from The Turner channel lost her husband over the weekend due to a car accident. Its a very sad situation and I cant even imagine what her and her baby girl are going through! 
So tomorrow the time I would spend blogging I will be praying for this sweet family. 


Heather said...Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

What a great Starbucks you have there to make you a brand new one for free!! Hate when those slip ups happen though!

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