Monday, November 26, 2012

Wait, what is that noise?

Oh my stars have I really not blogged since November 12th?

 I cant decide if I should just start fresh or do a run down of what has been going on?
Lets do a QUICK run down so you guys dont think I was ignoring my blog for the hay of it! 

Dinner for Dads Birthday
Crazy busy week at Work
Had to do a taping for work (long story but oh so very stressful because I dont like public speaking MUCH LESS make a video)
Decorating for Christmas
4 trees up (2 big ones and 2 little ones)
400,000 trips up and down the stairs to the basement and back hauling Christmas decorations back and forth!
Midnight trip to Wal-Mart to buy more lights because I cant sleep till its done!
SERIOUSLY Windy day in NashVegas so that makes for a perfect to decorate outside for Christmas, right?
Now my throat hurts!
Wait, what is that noise?
Is it a helicopter??
NOPE it is my dryer! 
Not only is it making a loud noise but it smells like smoke! 
GREAT cant be good! 
Wait, what is that noise??
Oh its just my Dyson AFTER I vacuumed up a whole handful of ornament hooks! 
2 hours later and a little surgery on the Dyson along with my blood,sweat and tears and we are good to go!
The dryer on the other hand still sounds like a helicopter! 
Oh wait, what is that noise?
That is just a dragging sound that my car is making! 
Turn up the radio and it will go away - maybe! 
Back to work we go but when I swallow it feels like razor blades!  
Make it at work 2 hours and off to the doctor I go!
Happy Thanksgiving you have tonsillitis - she says!
So I take my fevered, razor blade swallowing self through the germ infested lobby of the Dr. Office  to my car (which is still making a weird noise) then to the pharmacy and to the grocery where I got milk and salsa? So weird I know I think I was fever delirious. 
Im home to sleep because I still cant swallow.
Mom comes over to meet the dryer fix it man which she totally believes is my future husband! 
SO this means I have to get up put on some makeup (her idea) and go downstairs to flirt with him.
So down I go with my makeup, fever, razor blade tonsillitis and my coat on in my house (again weird I know) to flirt with this guy.
Flirting was not going to happen but he did pull out a shredded sock from the dryer motor (thank goodness it was not a bra)! 
Dryer fixed and check wrote to fix that and for his services! 
Tommy if you are reading this my Mom thinks we should marry!
My mom leaves only to be stopped by my sweet neighbor to tell her his house had been robbed that day.
MY WORST NIGHTMARE and even scary I was home while it happen.
Back out of bed, coat back on, fever and tonislitles walk across the street to check on him.
I am so sad for him and I HATE that it happen to him.
Back home and back to the couch!
Oh yay someone is at the door- I drag myself to the door in my PJs I might add!
Well Hello Mr Sexy Policeman come on in!
He comes in and compliments ALL my trees!
We talk and he asks me a million  questions about the day, if I saw anything weird... I proceed to ask him a million questions about keeping my house safe!
Officer Handsome leaves :( 
The next 3 days are spent on the couch.
Family came to town, turkey was had, my brother drug me to Bass Pro Shop on Thanksgiving day and I drug him and Amy to Target on Thanksgiving night and I was home in bed asleep by 11 - First time in years I did not partake in the Black Friday night shopping.
Friday My Mom, Granny and Aunt Becky went to a few shops and then I napped! 

So here we are Monday morning back at work! 
Dryer Fixed!
House decorated
4 trees shining bright
House deadbolted like Fort Knox
Electronics hidden at home.
Oh wait, was it that noise?
My cars dragging noise is louder then ever!

Ready to start my day.... I need a nap after reliving all that.


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