Saturday, December 29, 2012

Christmas Eve...

Hi Friends! 
I hope all had an Amazing Christmas! 
I know that I did! 
I think that the best part was spending time with my family and we did miss the Fam that didnt make it to town! 
I love being with family and just making memories! 
The good Lord has blessed me with an AMAZING family and I have grateful for that! 

So I I have a TON of pictures that I want to share so I am gonna break it up into 2 post! 
So here we go with Christmas Eve...

I made some minty gifts to deliver on Christmans Eve to deliver to some family friends! 

We checked out the Lebanon drive though light display! 
It was fun! 

Even little Zoe loved the lights! 

Time for dinner! 
We always do Christmas Eve dinner at my house and I always cook! 
This year I made The Pioneer Woman Lasagna and we had Olive Garden Salad! 
I also made Baked Apricot Brie, berry salad and Puffy Muffin Tea Punch! 
It was YUM but man everyone is full! 

For Dessert we had Skillet Chocolate Caramel cake! 

It was GOOD! 

This is my Mom's serious look! 
I dont remember taking this so my brother was probably taking pictures! 
He like to put the camera on fast shudder and take a million pictures! 

Love these peoples! 

Ryan wanted Granny to have a mustache like him so her got her these glasses! 
It was so funny! 

I got my Mom tools and the next morning "Santa" got me tools! 
Great minds think alike! 
I also got her a FitBit and a couple of other random stuff!

Ryan got me a new mailbox! 
I squealed because I need a new one so bad!! 
Great gift! Thanks Ryan

Ryan got Mom some Diamond earrings and they are GORGEOUS! 
She was so shocked! 

 Here is a sample of Ryan's wrapping! 
Oh man it was funny! 
And yes that is Christmas tree lights in that bow.

Ryan had this old picture of my Granny and Pap-Paw blown up! 
Its so amazing and we all loved it! 

Ater my house we all go back to Moms and get in jammies and do Christmas with Granny! 

Granny went all out this year! 
Love you Granny!

Ryan got a new flat screen...

Here is just some of my loot from my Granny! 

I screamed when I opened this because I SO excited! I have been DYING for this! 

 I got a programmable crock-pot! 
I have been wanting this forever. 
There is nothing worse then coming home from work and everything that was left in the crockpot is burnt and STINKS!
So having a programmable one makes me so happy! 

I love me some coffee so this gift is PERFECT! 

I got some more loot but this post is already long but my Grannys is a good shopper! 

And Christmas Eve just perfect! 

Zoe is exhausted from all the Christmas cheer! 

 I will be back Monday to share what Santa brought! 

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LWLH said...Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

What a wonderful Christmas Eve! :)

Monica said...Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Looks like a great Christmas! I got that same crock pot a couple years ago and have loved it since!!

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