Sunday, December 30, 2012

Christmas Morning

Its Christmas Morning! 
We always spend the night at Moms and do "Santa"! 
Granny always makes breakfast casserole and then wait for Ryan to get up! 

Moms Tree

Dont forget the coffee...

While waiting for Ryan to get up I took some pictures of these stockings! 
My Great Grandmother made these when each of us was born and I LOVE that Mom has kept them all these years....

Santa did GOOD this year! 
Here are some pictures...

I got this gray serving/baking set and I LOVE IT!!! 

I got the nest! I have been wanting this thing for so long and I was so pumped to get it! 
I (Yes ,by myself) installed it and its the coolest thing ever! 

I have been lusting over all the cable blankets and guess what Santa couldn't decide what color so I got both! 


I mean a New York candle...
Santa knows me well! 

Who doesnt love some Philosophy?

 The Pink toolbox! 
My nest was hiding in there! 

I think it is safe to say that Zoe loved all of her gifts! 

A sign it is Christmas morning! 

Christmas Lunch...

Zoe is Christmased out...

It was an AMAZING Christmas and I am beyond grateful for my family! 


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Looks like a fabulous Christmas!

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