Monday, December 17, 2012


Oh man its Monday morning....YAWN! 
Did everyone have a good weekend??
Mine was BUSY of course but Tis the Season right?

I havent blogged since the school shooting and honestly I have no idea what to even say about it.
I have prayed for those sweet babies and their families. 
That was the age group that I taught and I honestly I just cant imagine. 
I think it is something that this nation is honestly having a hard time wrapping their minds around. 
Its scary to me to log into Facebook and see that people are saying they have an uneasy feeling taking their kids to school, did you ever think that we would live in a world that you would be nervous about taking your babies to school?

I am wearing my green and white today to show support to the Sandy Hook Elementary school

You know I think I am just going to end this post here because I feel like anything else after talking about those sweet babies at the school is just pointless! 

Have a good Monday and I will be back tomorrow! 


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