Monday, January 28, 2013

Monday, Monday

Here we are on this cloudy, dreary Monday!
But I do not have to be cloudy and dreary! 
 I am telling you I am on fire when I start my week off right with a good workout! 
Everyone at work knows when I workout before work because I am 100 mph!
Maybe its a legit thing or just a mental thing but either way I will take it because I like the feeling :) 

This weekend was spent at home but super busy! 
I had workman coming and going and there was lots of puppy looking! 
I got new garage doors and they had to come out a fix something on one of the doors.

Then I had people coming by to give me estimates on other projects! 
Its expensive to fix up your house!! 
I always knew that it was but MAN its different when you are the one writing the checks. 

Then I have been eyeing these sweet things....

I want a Great Dane and I have for awhile now BUT it is just not fair for the puppy for me to get one.
I work a TON right now and it is not fair to keep that sweet thing crated all day. 
Once my schedule slows down some I will be getting one FOR SURE!! 
I mean look at the face!!!!!

Check out the crazy NASHVILLE weather this week..
I mean we have tornadoes one day and snow the next!

I am almost done with my guest room...

If you follow me on Instagram (mcclintockb) you have seen these :) 

Alrighty time to get busy! 
There was a red carpet but I am not going to do a post on it but here was my fave of the night....


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