Monday, January 14, 2013

Red Carpet for Golden Globes

Oh stars its another Monday morning! 
Its dreary and cold here in Nashville this morning.
We went from the upper 60s yesterday morning to the 30s last night and we all know that equals a sinus headache! 

Anyways we had a red carpet last night and if you have been reading this blog long then you know I LOVE me a red carpet!!! 

Tina and Amy did an AMAZING JOB! 
I wished they would have had more air time though.
tina fey amy poehler golden globes 2013 red carpet 02

I cant believe I am going to say this because I am not a fan but I thought Hayden Panettiere looked Amazing!
Her clutch on the other hand I think came from Claires...OOPS! 
hayden panettiere golden globes 2013 red carpet 01

I am a Giuliana Rancic fan and I thought the looked pretty but the shoulders on that dress bother me a little!
kelly osbourne giuliana rancic golden globes 2013 red carpet 03

I thought Francesca Eastwood looked gorgeous but girl needs to stand up straight! 
francesca eastwood golden globes 2013 red carpet 03

Jennifer Garner - STUNNING! 
jennifer garner golden globes 2013 red carpet 05
Her and Ben were the couple of the night FOR SURE! 

I loved everything about Miranda Kerr!
I mean when does she not look amazing but I loved her dress and the color! 
miranda kerr orlando bloom golden globes 2013 after party 01

I just love these 2!
I feel like they are a class act couple! 
blunt krasinski golden globes 02

I love everything about Kate Hudson! 
She is the perfect definition of Healthy to me!
Her skin is always amazing.
kate hudson golden globes 2013 red carpet 06

Hello Handsome! 
I think I have a thing for Men with the last name Cooper! 
bradley cooper golden globes 2013 red carpet 04

Oh Taylor! 
 I thought she looked pretty but she came across as having a bad attitude! 
The jab from Amy and Tina about Taylor needing some me time CRACKED me UP!! 
taylor swift golden globes 2013 red carpet 02

I JUST LOVE Adele!! 
I feel like me and her could be friends!

I love me some Julie Bowen BUT I felt like her dress was too big! 
I love the color and I love her jewelry!
jesse tyler ferguson golden globes 2013 red carpet 03
Katherine McPhee I was on the fence about! But oh gal has lost some major weight - she looked so thin in that dress! 
katharine mcphee megan hilty golden globes 2013 01

Sienna Miller forgot to wash her hair before the Golden Globes!!
Oh yeah what is she wearing?
sienna miller golden globes 2013 red carpet 01

Lucy, what happen?
I mean this is just...NO - I cant even go there!
Who told her this was a good idea????
lucy liu golden globes 2013 red carpet 04

He is just a Classic! 
I love me some George!
I love Stacy too she looked simple but pretty!
george clooney stacy keibler golden globes 2013 red carpet 03

Love this couple too!
Love Nicoles dress!
nicole kidman keith urban golden globes 2013 red carpet 02

I thought Julianne Hough looked amazing and I loved her Cinderella like dress with her puck rock hair!
Speaking of Hair...Seacrest seems to have a lot of it lately???
julianne hough ryan seacrest golden globes 2013 red carpet 04


jessica said...Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

i love lucy's hair but that dress is just horrid. it reminds me of a couch or drapes...not cute.

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